NIBM School of Computing emerges as champs at Infotel 2018 competition

Tuesday, 11th of December 2018

The students of NIBM from the School of Computing Division participated for Infotel 2018 which is a National ICT Exhibition held on the 2nd - 4th of November 2018 at BMICH. The exhibition comprised of a competition which more than 30 groups participated across Sri Lanka to showcase IT based innovative products and solutions. 3 teams from NIBM participated for this competition and team “Raptor” was able to position themselves as Champions of this competition for their second generation all in one smart helmet. The team comprised of Mr. M.H.D. Kaluarachchi (Project Lead), Mr. W.T.G Fernando (Tech Chief) and Mr. R.N.J.B Navinna (M.A.D. Chief). The purpose of their product is to provide awareness for motorcyclist on real-time and pre-determined dangers, to reduce accidents which would cause deaths or serious injuries. The team is hoping to move forward with their project with the vision of becoming the global leader in smart safety on motorcyclists and with a mission to provide smart safety practices to all social classes and to reduce the burning issues of various accidents.