First ever NSBM Business Forum a huge success

Monday, 24th of September 2018

The first ever NSBM Business Forum was held at the auditorium of the NSBM Green University Town from 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM on the 15th of September, 2018. It was organized by the “Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance Division” of NSBM Green University under the supervision of its head Mr. J. Baratha Dodankotuwa and the blessings of vis ionary Vice Chancellor Dr. E. A. Weerasinghe and Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr. Chaminda Ratnayake. The organizing committee of the event comprised of Dr. Gang a Karunathilaka (Chairperson), Dr. Sanjaya Dissanayake, Ms. Rashmila Rupasinghe and Miss. Narmada Balasuriya. Postgraduate Diploma and MBA students of NSBM Green University were involved in assisting the organizing of the event.

Theme of the panel discussion was “Comprehend – Align and Compete to Succeed”. The invited celebrity guests of the discussion included Mr. Kishu Gomes (only Sri Lankan to have become the CEO of two multinational fortune 500 companies), Dr. Ranjiv Munasinghe (Sri Lanka’s whiz kid on the use of big data in the corporate world) and Mr. RamalJasinghe (Director Inst itut i onal Busi nes s, Fairfirst Insurance Ltd and President of the National Exporters Forum of Sri Lanka). All three of the invited guest speakers delivered presentations inclusive of facts, figures, current trends and latest developments in the corporate world. The panel discussion was handled in a professional manner by two of NSBM Green University’s academics Dr. SanjayaDissanayake as the moderator and Ms. Natashya Chamba as compere. Objective of hosting the NSBM business forum was to create a new set of corporate leaders through our current MBA, MBS and Postgraduate Diploma student cohorts and to deliver the message that the graduate students produced by NSBM are armed with the latest tacit knowledge of the corporate sector. MBA and Postgraduate Diploma students of NSBM Green University played a pivotal role in querying the panel guests in their quest for knowledge and all anticipated objectives were met with success.