A partnership for success – ACBT & Flinders University, Australia

Sunday, 22nd of October 2017

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” This is what Paulo Coelho wants you to remember. It is necessary to keep your eyes on the goal. You won’t miss the target when you do, at least there’s only a very marginal risk of losing. If you want to be that amazing person you’ve always wanted to be, and have that life changing experience as a student this piece of work will guide you to the correct path.

About the Partnership

It is utmost important to develop Entrepreneurial skills if you want to succeed in whatever that you do. And that is what Flinders University along with ACBT has initiated in Sri Lanka. Flinders University may accept the ACBT University Foundation Program (UFP) as an entry qualification to Flinders undergraduate Courses and will accept the ACBT Diploma of Business units for credit exemptions. This has now created the opportunity for Diploma of Business students to directly transfer to Flinders University in South Australia, for the second year of the degree and gain one year of full credit. You may even call it quite efficient, as it is possible for you to finish your threeyear Bachelors in just two years.

Versatile Graduates

What Flinders University Professor Phyllis Tharenou highlighted, along with the Regional Manager Mark Charnley, was that the future is quite unpredictable. The job market will be different in another 5 years and when an institution takes up the responsibility of nurturing and producing a Graduate, it is quintessential for the teenager to be versatile to handle a future job demand. Flinders ensures a mentor from day one, to guide the student to their goal or dream. They will make them realize and mould the student in to an open minded and skillful individual who will be able to adapt in to new environments. After all those who cannot adopt will perish, it is quite naturally the nature of how things occur.


Flinders University has entrusted ACBT with the duty of laying the basic foundation to Sri Lankan students, which will aid them in their journey at Flinders.They believe that ACBT being the pioneer in Australian Higher Education in Sri Lanka since 1998, and partnered by world renowned Navitas group, with 130 colleges around the world in over 31 countries, it is the best institution to offer this course facility. ACBT offers four units in the foundation program with which you can choose the subjects you want to study. Each unit will cost LKR 48,000/-. There are four University Foundation programs offered at ACBT; Business, Engineering, Information Technology and science. Flinders University is within the AQF regulation in Australia and is a highly recognized Institution which provides quality education; which goes hand in hand with the guidance and counseling of career opportunities and as a whole, on how to be the best employer or on how to start your own sole enterprise. Flinders is an institution which promotes sole enterprises and inventions, as the future belongs to those who can invent and be creative. 

For more details visit the ACBT office at - 442 Galle Road Colpetty Western (00)300 Prospective Student Enquiries: Telephone: +(94) 112565511 Facsimile: +(94) 112565594 [email protected] Devuni Goonewardene