Jayewardenepura Uni, Hayleys Fabric collaborate to test Kelani River water

Monday, 25th of March 2024

Research focused on assessing pollutant levels in the Kelani River basin was launched by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and Hayleys Fabric. The study, a pioneering effort to evaluate antibiotic resistance in running water sources used for human consumption within the basin, aims to foster measures for safeguarding surface and groundwater. This will promote public health and safety, the University said.

The collaborative research project will encompass screening and quantifying antibiotic residue in surface water, identification of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and their resistance mechanisms, and quantification of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) to elucidate the correlation between ARGs and antibiotic residues. With 27 sample collection points selected based on diverse parameters such as catchment characteristics and anthropological activities, the study is poised to offer valuable insights to policymakers and stakeholders.

Vice Chancellor Senior Prof Pathmalal M Manage expressed optimism about the effort, emphasising its potential to enhance understanding of Kelani River water quality and contribute to environmental and public health protection. The initiative, spearheaded by Hayleys Fabric Managing Director Rohan Goonetilleke, underscores the significance of scrutinising the impact of the Kelani River on public health, given its vital role in catering to the water needs of a substantial portion of Sri Lanka’s population.