QUT Scholarship Launches Students on Path to Success

Friday, 31st of August 2018 Views - 1764

For twins Sandeepa and Sachin Fernando and Senuri Sarathchandra QUT’s Science and Engineering (SEF) International Merit Scholarship has been lifechanging. The International Merit Scholarship is offered to high achieving students and covers up to 25% of tuition fees. Sandeepa Fernando said the International Merit Scholarship was a huge boost to his studies. “My scholarship adds so much to my university experience. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the College of Excellence, which conducts personal development programs. These programs help me to improve a wide array of skills, which will be important for my career in the future,” Sandeepa said. Students with a QUT International Merit Scholarship may be able to apply for our Merit Plus Scholarship as well, offering an additional 25% tuition fee. To apply for this competitive scholarship, students must be a Sri Lankan citizen, have been offered the International Merit Scholarship for a Bachelor program with the Science and Engineering Faculty, and have a minimum of 3 A grades if you completed GCE ‘A’ Levels.

Senuri Sarathchandra is currently in her first year of QUT’s Bachelor of Engineering and said the scholarship has opened up new doors with industry that would otherwise be difficult for an international student. “The scholarship has allowed me to participate in QUT’s College of Excellence, where I am networking with industry partners and receiving career advice,” Senuri said. Senuri said it wasn’t hard to choose QUT to undertake her undergraduate studies. “I went through the courses and majors and the options to study at QUT were great! The Bachelor of Engineering is a very practical course. You are not pressured to choose your major in the first year of the Bachelor degree, instead you have the option to try out the different engineering majors and see what works best for you,” Senuri said. QUT’s supportive student environment was also a key factor for Senuri when deciding where to study, and she’s not alone.

According to the 2016 International Student Barometer Queensland, 89% of our international students are satisfied with their experience at QUT. Senuri is also involved in QUT’s Leadership, Development and Innovation Program – a comprehensive leadership and development program to support students in areas such as personal development, emotional intelligence, and cross-cultural communication. The experience of studying in Brisbane will be something these students will never forget. “I chose to study in Australia because it’s a gateway to a lot of opportunities. It’s close to Sri Lanka and there are a lot of international experiences available here. Brisbane is a multicultural city filled with people from all over the world and that truly makes it an international experience. “It is definitely a wonderful city for one’s higher education, QUT has really exceeded my expectations already,” Sandeepa said.

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