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No.1 Medical Placement Centre in Sri Lanka

An outstanding number of medical students flew to Melaka Manipal Medical College on 11th October, 2018. The students were enrolled for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery program (MBBS). Melaka Manipal Medical College is one of the reputed universities which is also registered under the Sri Lankan Medical Council (SLMC). ANC Future Center Medical Placements has made many medical dreams a reality to the younger generations of our country. All preparations were done by ANC Future Center Medical Placements from university admissions, visa arrangements, accommodations and university placements were handled by our experienced staff who flew with the students and parents who are leading businessmen’s in the countries market and reputed consultant doctors in the medical field were among the group that travelled to ensure a smooth transition was made as they embarked on their university journey.

Also, every student that was placed by ANC Medical Placements were awarded a scholarship by Melaka Manipal Medical College

Melaka Manipal Medical College was established in 1997 which was the first Indo-Malaysian partnership in education and the first private medical school in Malaysia. The time spent in India and Malaysia will give the students a strong exposure to morbidity patterns related to the socio- economic status and cultural practices of another country as well as allowing them to have an effective communication, good rapport and a seamless merger into the environment when working with patients and staff from different ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, living on a multidisciplinary university campus as MMMC gives the student a unique cross-cultural experience and will build confidence and independence in them. MMMC is a renowned private medical institution with a trademark of academic excellence and an enviable track record in providing quality medical education. MMMC is committed to providing a curriculum which offers diverse learning opportunities. Students develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice medicine. Recognition: The MBBS degree of Melaka Manipal Medical College is recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), WHO and Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). Furthermore, Melaka-Manipal Medical College MBBS programme is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the AVICENNA Directory, the World Directory of Medical School and IMED (International Medical Education Directory, UK).

The advantage of Students applying through ANC Future Center Medical Placements have a competitive edge, as we ensure students are familiarized with subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology that are conducted by reputed lectures and medical doctors from renowned universities in Sri Lanka. ANC – Future Centre Medical Placements is Sri Lanka’s leading Medical student placement provider with collaboration with some of the best medical universities in the world. Marking the 6th year, with the single objective of proving unbiased professional advice about Medical universities and admission information. ANC – Future Centre Medical Placements has a team of dedicated professionals who are able to assist academically capable students secure their admissions. The batch of medical students were accompanied by our staff members along with their parents, in summary the journey was successful, and we wish our students all the very best! ANC Medical Placements plays a significant role during student orientation and familiarization and throughout the entire stay as an overseas student. Facilitating,

  • Foreign University Admissions
  • Student Visa Processing
  • Airline Ticket Reservations
  • Student Accommodation in University Hostels and Apartments
  • Student Medical Insurance
  • Document Translations
  • Attestations and University Orientation and Familiarization.



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