Study Medicine at Astrakhan State Medical University

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Astrakhan State Medical University is the lowest but the faculty is second to none in Russia. City Astrakhan is situated in the south of the European part of Russia. This is the very place where Europe meets Asia, and the cultures of the two nations intertwine closely. In this region the representatives of various religions live in harmony: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others. One may experience here the unity of the multi-national Russian people in full measure. Astrakhan State Medical University was founded in 1918 and is one of the oldest medical educational institutions in Russia. In November 2008 it celebrated its 90th anniversary.

During its long existence more than 30,000 thousand doctors have graduated from the University; they work in all parts of the world for the welfare of the people. Since the day of its foundation the University uses the European system of medical education that combines strong theoretical grounding in different spheres of knowledge with practical courses held in the best medical institutions of Astrakhan. At the present moment Astrakhan State Medical University consists of 11 faculties, at 70 chairs of which about 4000 students, clinical residency and post-graduate students study. The training of highly skilled specialists is fulfilled by experienced professors and scientists.

Amongst them there are around 100 doctors of sciences, professors, docents and candidates of sciences. In the University great attention is paid to educational work. There exists a center of students’ creative work, a Board for educational work in students’ hostels, intellectual club, a group for protection of public order, informational students’ center, a section of vocal and musical instruments groups, a sport club have been created. Annually competitions on different kinds of sport, interfaculty sports days are held. Due to attentive attitude to student’s leisure organization, a large number of students’ clubs and scientific societies, studying in the University contributes to forming of socially active and harmoniously developed person.

For the period of studies all the students are provided with places for living in comfortable students’ hostels situated not far from educational buildings. Near the hostels there are sport clubs, cafes, a university library – everything to make leisure and studies interesting and varied. Warm climate full of sun, proximity of the Caspian Sea, friendly student atmosphere, contemporary educational programs, good educational practice – these are the aspects that attract in Astrakhan State Medical University young people from all over the world. Astrakhan State Medical University has the due approval of Sri Lanka Medical Council, World Health Organization and the Medical Bodies in the European countries. Further it is one of the lowcost medical universities approved by the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

The total investment will be $ 32,000 only for the entire six years period including accommodation. BCAS CAMPUS is officially appointed by Astrakhan State Medical University (ASMU) to enroll students from Sri Lanka and Maldives. Admissions for September intake is now on.

You can call Faizeen, Manager – Study Medicine, BCAS CAMPUS on 0765204503 to fix an appointment for a free counselling and an information session.