SLIIT commences student enrolment

Tuesday, 3rd of October 2017 Views - 2154

Renowned as a world class institute, with UGC approved degrees in IT, Engineering and Business Management, SLIIT commences enrolment of undergraduate students for the institute’s 2018 intake. The last day for applications will be 22 September. The orientation program will take place on 6 November.  

The four year, BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Degree (accredited by the IET) offered by SLIIT, provides a variety of specialisations in Information Technology, Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Interactive Media, Cyber Security, Data Science and Computer Systems and Network Engineering. The three year, BSc in Information Technology Degree offers specialisations in Information Technology and Interactive Multimedia Technology. 

The four year Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Hons) Degree offers specialisations in Human Capital Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. 

Students interested in pursuing a career in Engineering have the option of obtaining a four year B.Sc. Engineering (Hons) degree in the following areas of specialisation; Civil, Mechanical, Mechanical specialising in Mechatronics, Electrical and electronics , material engineering. 

SLIIT has been collaborating with foreign universities since the year 2000. Students are given the option of either completing the degree at SLIIT or transferring to the relevant partner university for the final two years. 

“The exposure and inputs the students and teachers receive from these foreign universities are invaluable.  There is a wealth of knowledge which is shared which includes academic resources to teaching exchange programs. Having partnerships with foreign universities enables us to improve our programs, maintain high academic standards and provide students with many academic options,” commented SLIIT CEO/Vice Chancellor Prof. Lalith Gamage.  Through the foreign partnership program, Curtin university degree programs are conducted at SLIIT, in the fields of Engineering and IT. Students can obtain an application form at any one of the SLIIT established centres or campuses.

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