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New syllabus for Non-Formal & Special Education sector

Thursday, 9th of November 2017

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is to prepare a new syllabus for the NonFormal & Special Education sector, with the support of Japanese and Korean experts. A digital based syllabus for the next 3 years will be prepared under the programme, which will be funded by Japan and Korea.

A team of 25 representatives from Sri Lanka, including Colombo University Lecturers, National Institute of Education Instructors and Teachers from Nat i o n a l C o l l e g e s of Education, have been sent to Korea for training. On their return, 17 Korean experts are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka to train some 100 Teachers.

A similar team will be sent to Japan and in turn, they will send a group of experts to Sri Lanka to train local staff. Currently, those following Education in the Non-Formal & Special Education sectors have only 2 textbooks to follow. The MoE also intends to have a classroom for digital training for these sectors, to implement the programmes from next year.

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