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Platform to discuss global issues – Youth Led Forum

Thursday, 12th of October 2017

The youth speak forum is organized by AIESEC Colombo South! If you are a hardcore economic enthusiast and innovative thinker, this might be just for you! 

What is Youth Speak Forum?

It is an event which brings together, leaders of different generations to device solutions for today’s global matters that are outlined by the Sustainable Development Goals

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

They are a universal set of targets to be achieved by humankind over the next 15 years of our existence. These were agreed upon by the United Nations with the hope of creating a better world for the generation that succeeds us

Which goals will the Forum focus on?

This year’s forum will focus on SDG 8 – Decent work and Economic Growth, and SDG 9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure.

What happens at the forum?

Forum consists of 4 main events: Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion, Workshops and Action Space Keynote Speeches: Set of prolific speakers will share their expertise and insights with the delegates Panel Discussion: Panel of specialists will conduct an interactive discussion to clarify the topic further. Workshops: Delegates will be divided into groups and will be mentored by a specialist on how they can actively device solutions for the key problems outlined by the topic. Action Space: Groups of delegates will plan a method to overcome a determined problem using the knowledge they gained from the forum.

What is there for me? 

Sustainable development goals are a key aspect that frames the agendas and policies of all the major international organizations. Having a clear idea about this framework will be vital for the survival within any industry. Also, you will undergo the supervision of the finest leaders of the previous generation while working alongside the best and the brightest of your generation.

How do I sign up?

The event will be held on 14th of October at the Trace Expert City – Colombo 1. Registrations are open now. You can find out more about the event and how to register from www. Note: Only a limited number of slots are available. This is an amazing opportunity for all those diehard diplomats and rebellious thinkers. Not always do you get a chance to pour your heart out, on these matters. Get geared on and head on for the registrations!

Devuni Goonewardene

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