La Trobe Business School, Australia makes new announcements to cater to Sri Lankan Students!

Sunday, 24th of September 2017

NEW intake in November

NEW & Restructured Courses

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Scholarships to meet evergrowing demand from Students Opening NEW opportunities for Sri Lankan students, asenior delegationled by Professor Paul Mather, Head of La Trobe Business School (LBS),La Trobe University (LTU), Australia,visited Colombo. In responseto studentdemand from Sri Lanka, LBS has introduced a new intakefor its Undergraduate Business Courses in November, in addition to thetwo Semesters in February and July.

A few years earlier,La Trobe Business School introduced a third semester for its Post Graduate courses, which is now very popular amongst students inSri Lanka; India& Nepal. In addition, new programs have also been introduced to meet the needs of Industry and the latest trends in the job market. Professor Paul Mathersaid“La Trobe University’s steady endeavour to connect with key countries in our region and to keep generating better opportunities for Students has brought La Trobe Business School back to Sri Lanka.

Our NewUndergraduate intake, New Programs and Scholarshipsshould help Students from Sri Lanka to reap significantbenefits from the expertise and brand new cutting edge facilities at La Trobe Business School.” La Trobe University has jumped more than 200 places in just two years and makes usAustralia’s Most-Improved University in that period as per latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) results.La Trobe University is now ranked at 301 in the world in 2017. This is our best ever result in the respected ARWU rankings.

Our continual rise in the ARWU is the result of the hard work and dedication of all staff to ensure that we continue to perform well in these international rankings,said Professor Paul Mather. NEW SCHOLARSHI PS ANNOUNCED Once again La Trobe Business School, Australia, is offering scholarships to the value of 15%, 20% and 25% of the total tuition fee for undergraduate as well as postgraduate International students commencing in 2017.

These scholarships are merit based and will be offered to students based on their prior academic performance. These scholarships will be offered to students on a first come first serve basis. NEW LBS PROGRAMS La Trobe Business School, Austral ia, has introduced newPrograms such as the ‘Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia Extension), ‘Master of Professional Accounting (Business Analytics), ‘Master of Professional Accounting ( I n f o r m a t i o n S y s t ems Management)andthe revised Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commercedegrees f o r b o t h D o m e s t i c a n d International markets.

About La Trobe University La Trobe University is multicampus university based in Victoria, Australia. Named after the first Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, La Trobe University has been at the forefront of higher education in Australia for the past forty nine years. La Trobe is renowned for its academic excellence and research achievements. It has seven campuses in Victoria and one campus in New South Wales in Australia. More than 171,000 students have graduated from La Trobe University and have gone on to achieve great things in all walks of life, giving La Trobe its well-deserved reputation. For details, please visit

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