COPE issues directives against Pera Uni officials

Monday, 14th of August 2023

The Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) has requested Peradeniya University officials to submit a report on allegations of fraud and corruption over the constructions of buildings within the university premises in three months. The directive was given when COPE summoned university officials to the Committee sessions this week. COPE requested that a committee be formed to look into the corruption and fraud taking place in this sector. COPE suggested that action to be taken against the Director of the Physical Education Department for misusing funds worth Rs 3.2 million.

Furthermore, COPE ordered that action be taken against the husband of a former professor for collecting a payment of Rs 7 million after the professor had passed away. It was reported that two people connected with this incident have been suspended from their posts. One of them is already overseas. Several complaints have been filed against these individuals with the Police. The COPE Committee emphasised the need to give maximum punishment to these individuals.

Several other issues, including the breach of agreements by professors, academic staff’s attendance not being recorded on the fingerprint system, and issues related to the misuse of funds, were highlighted by the Committee, which emphasised the need for immediate action. The Committee ordered that measures be taken against 63 academic staff who had violated their contracts, and action be taken to collect Rs 25 million due. University officials are due to be summoned within 6 months to evaluate the progress made regarding the directives.