Sir Michael Wilshaw Visits Sri Lanka

Friday, 21st of October 2022

“Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, and the people here are lucky. It has its problems, but the people here are wonderful. They deserve a good education” – Sir Michel Wilshaw (Former Chief Inspector of Schools in England).

The Chief Academic Consultant of Lyceum International Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw paid his visit to Sri Lanka in October this year. Sir Michael Wilshaw served as the Chief Inspector of Schools, Children's Services, and Skills in his role as head of Ofsted – the body which oversees the standard of schools – from 2012 to 2016. He was Knighted for Services to Education in the year 2000.

At the time of his visit, Sir Wilshaw made sure to spend time with the students, staff and administration of the Lyceum International Schools. He shared his valuable knowledge and expertise with the members of the schools, during the time spent in the schools. During his visits Sir Wilshaw observed Lyceum classrooms, spoke to students and teachers, and had discussions with the branch Management, sharing his expertise in the field.

Prior to departing from the country, he paid a special visit to the Lyceum Campus a few days ago, and had a meeting with the Lyceum community. He praised the incredible service Lyceum is rendering to the Sri Lankan community, and mentioned that the children were happy because of the good education they receive from the schools. Sir Wilshaw emphasized on how parents trust their child’s education with the institution and the sacrifices they make in order to ensure their child receives quality education from Lyceum, despite the current economic crisis in the country.

He didn’t forget to meet our Undergraduates of the Lyceum Campus and motivate them during his visit to the facility. In his speech to the Lyceum community, Sir Wilshaw accentuated the significant role of education in democracy, freedom, and decision-making, in the global and knowledge economy we are currently living in. The services of Sir Michael Wilshaw are of massive influence to the field of education that foster great benefits to the world as a whole.