Lyceum Kurunegala’s Global Social Leaders successfully organizes the “ Symbol of Humanity”

Thursday, 26th of May 2022 Views - 540

There is a saying that, “leadership is an action, and not a position.” The term “leaders” is commonly associated with the more mature and senior generations; but certain actions and willingness can prove and add a whole new aspect to the concept of leadership. Such actions that speak thousands of words should always be taken into account. As an extended hand to support the quality education of the young generations, a selection of seven students from the Lyceum International School, Kurunegala demonstrated their aptitude, love, and care for humanity by participating and engaging in the Global Social Leaders (GSL) “Challenge Changers” under the United Nations theme: “Quality Education” which was a project that was in parallel with the education journey of the students.

Under the project leadership of Evon Weeraparakrama, a Lyceumer from Lyceum Kurunegala, and his team members, this collective has followed an action plan to help fulfill the UN Global Goal of "Quality Education". Since the local education system was seriously disrupted due to COVID- 19 global pandemic; many student and teacher communities lost their access to usual educational practices. A considerable number of Government as well as International institutions took necessary steps to face the distant online learning challenges. One of the special expected outcomes of this project has been to blur this distinction; narrow the gap and bring the wholesome quality education experience for the new educated generation.

This project was carried out in Thalvita, in Kurunegala Education Division, which included a variety of community service activities such as aesthetic events for students, school programs, book distributions and a special “night school camp”; being a unique gesture of this entire event for the student community. Speaking at the "SYMBOL OF HUMANITY " Project ,Evon Weeraparakkrama - Team Leader of Global Social Leaders, Lyceum Kurunegala said, "We, the Global Social Leaders team of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala, is entitled with "Equal and quality education for everyone". Our aim is to provide equal and quality education for everyone who face hardships and have learning difficulties. We have taken many steps to achieve the main objective.

• Collecting electronic devices such as; laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to donate for the students who are in need
• Choosing a school which has less infrastructure to help the students with language barriers by having night camps
• Doing online English Language lessons Free of charge for students Donations, gifts and goods that were much needed to support their education were presented to them during these series of events.

Being the Challenge Changers, we accept every challenge that comes in our way and we face it with bravery, so during this project, we faced many challenges. When we started this project, all the schools were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to make all discussions and meetings online. When we got back to the school physically, we implemented an activity week, a book sale and an art competition to raise funds to enhance the planned projects of the GSL Team.To enhance this project for the worldwide community, the schools from India, Indonesia and Pakistan collaborated with us to follow up the aims and the objectives of our project by giving their helping hand to encourage the quality education in the divisions of the area where their schools are situated in.

We faced numerous obstacles from the day we started the project. But being more tactful and encourageous, we, the challenge changers could achieve our planned objectives and aims of the project by enhancing the quality of education through deferent sectors." Sakuna Bandara a team member of the GSL Project stated "We gave a challenge for the students in “Thalvita Junior School – Wellawa” to cultivate fruits and vegetables in their home garden and get the harvest to increase the family income.The impact we made on the society was endless. All the local and global communities gave their helping hand with a nice smile.They understood the importance of this project and that they are the beneficiaries of it as this project makes their lives comfortable and enlighten their future." The team members made their fullest efforts sharing kindness and generosity with the student community who have been deprived of privileges for quality education.