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Student admissions: Ed.Ministry passes the baton to principals

Saturday, 26th of September 2020

The task of selecting students for admission to intermediary classes in national schools ,which was carried out earlier by the Education Ministry, is to be transferred to the principals of those schools. This move comes after the Education Ministry ordered all admissions to intermediary classes to be stopped with immediate effect. The intermediary grades include all grades, excluding grades one, five, six and 11. A discussion was held on Thursday with the principals of selected national schools in Colombo, to address the issues faced due to student admissions to intermediary classes and the proposed new selection process.

According to the new plan, the existing vacancies in the intermediary classes would be advertised on the Ministry website and in newspapers, and all eligible students would be able to apply for admissions. Depending on the vacancies available, criteria would be drawn up to admit students. Thereafter admissions would be made after the Education Ministry approved the list. Those who were unable to gain admission would be able to make an appeal to a Ministry review committee.

However, an Education Ministry official said there would likely be issues as there was a quota system in place for public sector employees, judges, doctors, Education Ministry staff and teachers on transfer, so they could admit their children to national schools when they were to be transferred. The decision to introduce the new system was also expected to hold up the admissions of students whose applications were pending.

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