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Vidura College Kalutara holds their Educational Exhibition “Brilliant Bent” on October 29

Friday, 15th of November 2019

VIDURA COLLEGE Kalutara branch held this year’s Educational Exhibition titled “Brilliant Bent” at the school premises, Nagoda, Kalutara, on 29th October 2019 with the presence of Malinda Perera, veteran actor and presenter, as Chief Guest, Dr. Ranjith Cabral, Chairman, Mr. D.G. Sumanasekara, Group Principal, members of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Kanchana Dassanayake, Principal Kalutara Branch, Vice Principals of branch schools, teachers, parents and students. Vidura College does not confine itself only to imparting theoretical knowledge in formal education but also provides a host of opportunities for students to display their creative skills, social skills, and soft skills. 

The Annual Educational Exhibition is another grand opportunity for them to showcase their skills in a formal setting. This educational exhibition in fact serves as a multipurpose educational tool built into the teaching-learning process at VIDURA COLLEGE that would enable its students to become versatile personalities later in life. This event provides both students and teachers with a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their budding talent in identification, display and interpretation of themes under these categories :Art, Craft, Subjects in the syllabi, Literature, Food Carving, Costumes, Music, Dancing, Reptiles, Fish and Photography. It was so much so that all the exhibits were made of waste materials collected from the environment.

The unique feature that highlighted the event was that their creative talent expressed was in harmony with nature. Through the opportunity offered to them, they learned how to maintain a happy and positive attitude, patience in answering queries about the exhibits, confidence and firmness and complete knowledge about the creative work. Apart from that, students were able to showcase their discipline not only in high quality of learning also in conduct. Vidurians of Kalutara branch astonished the visitors by showcasing their natural and hidden talents at this event.

Through this exhibition the students learnt to apply the knowledge and information collected through various sources. Besides, the teachers had the opportunity to assess to what extent students had benefited from their usual classroom learning when it came to application of such learning to creative work like this. In this manner VIDURA COLLEGE strives to ensure that students continuously engage and display their joyful learning, school’s vision and creativity. This event became a success owing to the efforts of everybody who helped in numerous ways.

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