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Wednesday, 19th of June 2019

Your children don’t need to be in close proximity to notebooks, book bags and whiteboards to learn. Learning isn’t just about memorising history facts and solving math problems. Learning is an interactive -- and lifelong -- process of analyzing, questioning, and discussing. Learning is looking for new meanings and unique applications of knowledge in every situation. Expose the young minds to as many meaningful experiences as possible and creating an international personality with Sri Lankan identity is the aim of Polymath College. Situated in the convenient surroundings of Nawinna, Maharagama it cannot be called yet another ordinary international school.

At the college, the young minds are molded to broaden their knowledge, improve early childhood education, and cultivate the type of awareness and appreciation that can’t be taught from a textbook. It is a challenge to keep up to the motto of Polymath College ‘Vivere Disce – Learn to Live’. The visionary leader of the College, its Principal, Upali Gunasekera (former principal of Royal College Colombo) and Vice Principal Sudath Liyanagunawardena (former Assistant Principal/Senior Games Master of Royal College Colombo) takes on this tedious task with ease.

Armed with decades of experience together they direct and guide the dedicated teachers to make this mission a success and to let go a complete citizen to the society. Crafting a comprehensive personality,ina conducive environment for a child to grow into a sensitive human being who values the culture is where the college is spearheaded in. Commencing with kindergarten and now opened up to advanced level, in Sinhala and English medium both local syllabus as well as Cambridge syllabus, Polymath College takes every effort to make all students under its wing number smart, word smart and picture smart.

Uniting the children with nature, the College has taken another bold step to train the children to shift their life styles from unhealthy instant food to consume what they grow in home gardens. As you enter the gates the lemons, snake gourd, cabbages, tomatoes and capsicums will greet you, making one think whether it is a school or a home garden. You will find vegetables, fruits, greens grown all around the school premises. As the tiny plants grow into fruitful trees the children also grow with them learning to love nature. Then there is the Butterfly Garden where children learn to love every living being irrespective of size and colour.

This is how Polymath College is geared in creating not merely an intellectual but a healthy nation. Polymath College also provides additional backing for parents by maintaining a ‘Day Care Centre’. They will take care of the children till 9pm on all 365 days. That is a great relief for most of working parents as they know that the most precious being of their lives are in safe hands. In a world where even the noble profession of educating children is also made a business Polymath College has made education affordable for the middle class, especially for children who could not enter the government schools.

The teachers conduct extra classes for students who need more attention while Tamil, Yoga, Scrabble and Chess are taught in school within the school curriculum. The well qualified and dedicated staff of the College ensures that all students grasp their book work during the school hours. Thus seeking extra assistance after school which consumes students’ time of play and huge bulks of parents’ money is highly discouraged and is not needed. It offers the students of the college time for relaxation, reading or engaging in an extracurricular activity which makes them a complete human being. Always encouraging and appreciating inventions and innovative ideas the college will always take the lead in creating a better society, opening doors to an exciting learning experience through every day activities.

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