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Classifying, grouping schools on ethnic, religious basis is dangerous- CP Gov.

Friday, 7th of June 2019

Central Province (CP) Governor Maithree Gunaratne has highlighted the consequences of classifying schools on ethnic and religious bases. “The greatest threat we have today, is to classify the present generation and compartmentalize them on religious and ethnic bases, even in Education”, Mr Gunaratne said at a recent official ceremony in the CP, to declare open a new complex of the Nuwara Eliya Divisional Secretariat. “ Recently, one Minster has said to improve Tamil Language skills and have a separate line institute for this purpose.

The assignment of Tamil studies is allied with the Provincial Agriculture Ministry. This allocation is unhealthy. The Tamil Skills training assignment should be under the CP Education Ministry,” he noted. “ The condition of Tamil schools in the CP is deplorable. I happened to visit the Kandapaola Methodist College and found to my surprise, a collection of discarded computer hardware, a TV set and a laboratory abandoned without any use,” he said.

“If this situation prevails in the plantations, the criticism will come to the Governor, then to the Chief Minister. At least now, we have to put all ethnic and racial groups together for Education, and work as one nation,” he added. Local Govt. Asst Commissioner Vidura Sampat h, Divisional Secretariat Chairman Velu Yogaraja, CP Councillors and religious leaders of the Nuwara Eliya District participated in the ceremony.

Text & Pics By Shelton Hettiarachchi

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