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“A good leader is a good follower”

Thursday, 16th of May 2019

It was a memorable day to St. Nichola K. V., Munnakkara in Negombo, since the newly appointed Prefects’ Body was bestowed for the academic session 2019-2020 with the cardinal responsibility of protecting and maintaining the standards and the decorum of the school. This ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly office bearers. It was so important to school, as well as the Prefects’ Association that they were fortunate enough to get advised by a Norwegian Professor who was the Chief Guest of the Investiture.

A garland of motivational words delivered by the esteemed guest Mr. Trond Frestad, a Professor, University of Agdar in Norway. In his speech he guided the Prefects’ Council to be the role models and render their responsibilities sincerely as the nation builders of tomorrow, be proud to be a Sri Lankan. An effective “Talk Show” was presented, Mr. Nandana Dissanayake, the Deputy Principal of the school compered the occasion. The Chief Guest, Mr. Jude Kingsley (The Director, Avem Travels PVT Ltd), Mr. Yohan Nipuna (The Managing Director, Avem Travels PVT Ltd) and Mr. J. B. Prasanna Perera (Deputy Principal of Pitipana MV) pinned the badges to Deputy Head Prefects while Mr. K. A. Priyal Perera, the Principal, pinned the Head Prefects.

All the teachers of the staff joined to pin the rest of the prefects. The out-going Head Prefect, Kapila, who scored 8As & 1B at the O/Level examination in 2018 administered the oath. It was a heart - fel t moment when Mr. Nandana Dissanayake invited all the parents of the prefects to come to the stage and to stand in front of their children. He spoke to the hearts of the parents and children while they were keeping their heads on chests of their parents. He recalled from the time they were conceived in their mother’s womb until the present moment how they were looked after by parents.

Both sides burst into tears as they felt deep love each other. It was highly commended by the Norwegians as they had never seen parents hugging their children with tears in public. After the ceremony of the Investiture, the teachers of the school had prepared a Sri Lankan food table for the Norwegian team which included two professors and some under-graduates of Norway. Some of the folk games of our country had been set for the Norwegians in order to show how we celebrate Sinhala New Year. They enjoyed they games very well. The Avem Travels PVT Ltd donated a sophisticated sound system to the school. It was a memorable day to the Nicholites of Munnakkara, Negombo.

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