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Dictionaries for Rural Grade 5 Scholars

Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019

Students of Bandaranaikepura Junior School from the Wanathavilluwa (WV) area in the Puttalam district were beneficiaries of a CSR project recently, when they were gifted with Dictionaries at theirPrize-Giving. The event was attended by ILUKA Lanka Resources Country Manager Victor Araujo and HSEC Manager Matt Harding, along with the Divisional Secretary, Religious leaders, Education Dept officials, Community leaders, parents and students from the Wanathavilluwa village. ILUKA donated English-Sinhala and English-Tamil Dictionaries to 329 Grade 5 graduating students from 12 schools in the WV Division. Amongst the recipients, 19 were awarded scholarships for exceptional exam results. The Governmentfunded scholarships will enable students to enroll in prestigious Colombo schools.

Poor school attendance, lack of schoolteachers, poverty and other social challenges faced by the students is a major contributor to low pass rates in the area. Education development will positively influence the overall development of WV DS Division. As part of its CSR investment programme in 2018, ILUKA has been sponsoring the Teacher Training Initiative, in partnership with the not-for profit organisation “Without Boarders”, which entailed the placement of 38 volunteer teachers in 13 regional schools. This allowed schools to cater to Mathematics, Science, English, Tamil and Music which were lacking previously.

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