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Redding International School geared to provide a challenging learning environment

Wednesday, 9th of January 2019

Redding International School is opening in Kandy tomorrow with the vision to be the best English Medium School in the country by producing responsible & outstanding individuals to the nation par excellence. The school’s mission is to provide a challenging learning environment that nurtures the students holistically by inspiring them for high expectations of success through their student-oriented approaches that allow for individual differences and learning styles. The school has explained that its objectives prepare their students to be professional, skilled individuals fit for the modern world and committed to the communities in which they live and work. “We will pioneer the development of new knowledge, scholarly understanding of curriculum, and support the sustainable development of wider community”, the school said. 

“The philosophy of Redding International School is to build standards and practices for the holistic development of a child, to be effective human resource, who is able to compete in the challenging environment of today’s world. Academic aspect of this practice inspires intellectual growth, critical and analytical thinking skills, social interaction expertise and cultural tolerance. It also emphasizes on empowering the students to attain self-confidence and selfassurance so they can learn how to develop interpersonal skills and create interpersonal relationships for effective collaboration”, the school said Explaining its background, history and management team it said they have a scholarly, experienced and professional team of management who are dedicated in the field of education. ‘Our student-oriented team works together to create an exciting school environment, where students are nurtured, inspired and will flourish.

As role models, our team brings in mass experiences and is set to undergo various professional training and development to ensure that they are using the best practices in their spectrums’, the school said. The Chairman, Mr. M F M Hilmi was the co-founder of Al Imran International School in Kandy playing a pivotal role in founding Al Imran in 1992, also the school was the pioneers of International School education catering to the local syllabus in Kandy. Mr Hilmi is a A retired finance professional and a veteran Educationist with over 30 years’ experience in managing International Schools while Mr. Salman Gaffary Hilmi is the CEO/ Deputy Chairman, A finance professional with 14+ years of experience in serving the multi-national companies globally. The others are Mohamed Zafir Deen, Director – Operations and Marketing, Zahra Hilmi , Head of HR and Public Relations, Farwin Hilmi , Curriculum and student Aanlyst & Shameema Junaideen, Head of Finace.

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