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One day tournament well received by all

Thursday, 6th of September 2018


A successful rugby competition for the juniors, the Milo Inter- School Under-12 Mini Rugby Carnival 2018, was held at Havelock Park last Sunday. The one-day tournament was well received by all who attended and keenly contested by the youngsters where winners were determined on merit and almost all participants were rewarded with certificates. The competition was held in three different pitches where top teams competed in Pitch ‘A’ and the second strings in Pitch ‘B’ and the lower segment in Pitch ‘C’. On Pitch ‘A’ Royal College, Isipathana College Trinity College and Wesley College competed under Group ‘A’ while St. Joseph’s College, St. Peter’s College, St. Anthony’s College Katugastota and Zahira College were in Group ‘B’.

Dharmaraja College, D.S. Senanayake College and Science College played in Group ‘C’ as Kingswood College failed to make it to the tournament while Lumbini College, Vidyartha College, Prince of Wales College and Ananda College were drafted into Group ‘D’. Out of the lot Royal topped Group ‘A’ with wins against Wesley (20-5), Isipathana (30- 0) and a draw against traditional rivals Trinity (15-15). Wesley finished second with wins against Isipathana (20-10) and Trinity (25-10. Isipathana won against Trinity (20-10) while Trinity failed to secure a win besides the draw against Royal. St. Peter’s topped Group ‘B’ with three straight wins . They beat St. Anthony’s (25- 10), Zahira (25-0) and St. Joseph’s (30-5).

Zahira followed with two wins against St. Joseph’s (20-10) and St. Anthony’s (25-0). St. Joseph’s secured a win against St. Anthony’s (10-0), who ended without a win. Group ‘C’ was topped by D. S . Senanayake, who beat Dharmaraja (45-0) and Science (35-0) comprehensively. Science recorded a runaway win against Dharmaraja (45-0), who failed to win a game. Ananda led Group ‘D’ with two easy wins against Lumbini (25-10) and Vidyartha (20-5) while receiving a walkover from Prince of Wales. Vidyartha recorded two wins -- against Prince of Wales (30-0) and Lumbini (15-10) while Lumbini beat Prince of Wales massively by 55-0. On Pitch ‘B’ Maliyadeva College, St. Benedict’s College, Thurstan College and St. Sylvester’s College competed under Group ‘A’ while Mahanama College, Piliyandala Central, Richmond College and Nalanda College played in Group ‘B’. C.W.W. Kannangara MV, Lalith Athulathmudali MV, Sri Sumangala College Kandy and Moratu Vidyalaya played in Group ‘C’ while Carey College, Royal College Panadura and St. John’s College Nugegoda played in Group ‘D’. St. Benedict’s topped Group ‘A’ with wins against St. Sylvester’s (10-0) and Maliyadeva (15-5) and a walkover from Thurstan, who failed to turn up in the eleventh hour.

Maliyadeva recorded a win against St. Sylvester’s (15-10). Mahanama topped Group ‘B’ with wins against Nalanda (25-0), Richmond (25-0) and Piliyandala Central (30-5). Richmond impressed with wins against Piliyandala Central (30-10) and Nalanda (15-0) while Piliyandala Central beat Nalanda (30-5) for their solitary win. Sri Sumangala Kandy dominated Group ‘C’ with impressive wins against Lalith Athulathmudali MV (40-0), C.W.W. Kannangara MV (30-0) and Moratu Vidyalaya (25-0). Lalith Athulathmudali MV recorded wins against Moratu Vidyalaya (20-5) and C.W.W. Kannangara MV (15-5). The match between bottom seeds Moratu Vidyalaya and C.W.W. Kannagara MV ended in a 10-10 draw. The Group ‘D’ competitions were played mostly as friendly matches. Carey impressed with wins against St. John’s Nugegoda (10-5) and Royal Panadura (20-0). St. John’s recorded a win against Royal Panadura (25- 0) while Dharmaraja ‘B’ beat Royal Panadura (25-5) and St. Benedict’s beat St. John’s Nugegoda (20-0).

The Pitch ‘C’ consisted of second teams of all top schools with Royal ‘B’, Isipathana ‘B’, Wesley ‘B’, Trinity ‘B’ in Group ‘A’, St. Joseph’s ‘B’, St. Peter’s ‘B’, St. Anthony’s ‘B’ and Zahira ‘B’ in Group ‘B’, Dharmaraja ‘B’, D.S. Senanayake ‘B’, Vidyartha ‘B’ and Ananda ‘B’ in Group ‘C’, St. Benedict’s B’ , Mahanama ‘B’ , Piliyandala Central ‘B’ and St. Sylvester’s ‘B’ in Group ‘D’ and Sri Sumangala Kandy ‘B’, Royal Panadura ‘B’ and Richmond ‘B’ in Group ‘E’. Most matches were played as friendly encounters where Trinity, Royal, Zahira, D.S. Senanayake and Mahanama stood out of the rest. The tournament was organised and conducted by the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association with the sponsorship of Nestle` Lanka’s Milo.

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