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‘Pragna Pradeepa’, saviour of the poor, celebrates 31 years

Thursday, 10th of May 2018

The ‘Pragna Pradeepa’ programme launched by Western Provincial (WP) Councillor Jayantha de Silva, to issue free Educational items for students, will mark its 31st anniversary on May 13. A series of religious ceremonies will be conducted on that day in the Kataragama Sacred City. The programme will include donation of books and school requisites to children of low income families in the area. The 'Pragna Pradeepa' Programme has been beneficial to thousands of students over the years, mainly from underprivileged areas in Colombo and the WP. Mr de Silva said the concept is based on the noble concept enunciated by the Lord Buddha.

Founder of the movement, Jayantha de Silva, was a Municipal Councillor when he launched it with his meagre salary. "Pragna Pradeepa movement has grown bigger and bigger, guiding people along the path to a happier, fuller and pleasanter life. Since it's inception, it has launched many social welfare programmes. Gel Sarana programme to help the carters, helping Dhamma schools with cash and material, implementing projects to uplift artistes, helping temples, providing monetary assistance to women in low income families for self employment, housing aid for low income families, implementing infrastructure projects in urban areas, and donating books and school requisites to children, are among them. " Pragna Pradeepa is today a household word and towers in the field of social service.

It is distinct in that it never resorted to propaganda seeking cheap popularity, at colossal expenditure. The 'Pragna Pradeepa' movement is deep rooted in the hearts of the people, though it never sought publicity through its services. Several of his friends extended their wholehearted cooperation as the movement progressed. Yet, the success of the Pragna Pradeepa movement depended entirely on the unstinting courage and determination of its founder Jayantha de Silva, who was motivated by one thing and one thing only, the welfare of the people.

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