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Use Computers gainfully, not to enjoy rubbish: WP Councillor Jayantha De Silva

Tuesday, 24th of April 2018

Western Provincial Council Member a n d P r a g n a Pradeepa Concept Founder Jayantha De Silva said the computer should not be misused to enjoy rubbish and that, it should be used for gainful purposes. Addressing a ceremony to d o n a t e c o m p u t e r s t o Susumawardene Vidyalaya, Borella, he said, “Through the ages mankind has reached the era of digital technology that prevails in every nook and corner of modern society.” He pointed out that the computer was the main equipment required in the use of digital technology and that, one could sit in a cosy air-conditioned room and watch the whole world through the computer.

“However, it is sad that our children often misuse it, without any understanding about how they could use it for educational purposes. They use it mostly to refer to Facebook. Facebook has turned into a devil that ruins the lives of children and young men and women. Today, it is the pastime of many children and youth. Waste of time is a waste of life. The computer should be used to improve one’s knowledge and to build one’s personality.” “Knowledge is one of the main income earners today. It has a remunerative market. We must have a proper understanding of the value of knowledge, which is called knowledge economy. Computers today are the gateway to the world of knowledge.

Children must distinguish between the uses and misuses of computers, if they are to use it gainfully and purposefully.” “Computers, if used properly, could be an income earner. One must use it not as a means of pastime but a source of knowledge. One can enter the websites and gain knowledge in several fields. It is the duty of teachers and to lead children along the right path and to encourage them to use computers for gainful purposes.” “Gaining knowledge through computer technology is easier and quicker than through books. One can gain knowledge on any subject within an hour, through websites, instead of referring to several books for days.

However, it is a matter of concern that the computer is misused to enjoy rubbish instead of using it for educational purposes. Developed countries have made several strides forward through the proper use of the computer. Although they are now in the space age, most of our schools are still to have facilities to use information technology,” he said. The Principal and staff of Susumawardene Vidyalaya were present onat the occasion.

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