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"Risikala School" a special school for Aesthetic Studies

Tuesday, 13th of March 2018

There is a problem with Aesthetic studies, if one wishes to continue with his/her career, without a break. Students in this field have other subjects, especially Mathematics, for Higher Education. They cannot possess the basic requirement of the GCE Ordinary Level without Mathematics, which is a must in the present day curriculum. Hence, Central Province Chief Minister (CM) Sarath Ekanayake set up a special school, "Risikala School" at Mawilmada, for Aesthetic studies, which is coupled with the normal curriculum subjects. Now students of this school can qualify in the normal educational stream and also specialise in any Aesthetic area of their choice.

A group from the Mandala South Asian Performing Arts Dance Co. from Chicago, visited the school to teach the basics of ' Ballet ", and they, in turn, to learn Kandyan Dancing. The group, led by Ms Ashwaty Chennatm, includes Asley Fergallli, Ms Srisehlee Dear, Conner Forres and Braden Specht, is here for a week's teaching-exchange programme. CM Ekanayake welcomed their presence to teach these students subjects such as Ballet, that are not very common in the country. "Risikala School" Principal Ms E.M.U.P.M. Ekanayake said there are now around 30 students who have entered University and some have already graduated.

This school, established 10 years ago, has continued to progress, and this new exchange programme would bring results in a two way process. CM Ekanayake said this is the only way for Aesthetic students to go forwrd in the present education system, where they have to go through their normal studies and then specialise in other subjects, to obtain their basic requirements. The coordinator for this programme was Ms.Vajira Aluthge Mantillke.

L.B. Senaratne

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