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Jeff Bezos shows us: One or two: six ways to brave the crisis

Thursday, 21st of February 2019

Jeff Bezos came out of the ashes of bad decisions in the Phoenix style to make a big decision. It shows us individuals, CEOs, board members and other leaders: how do we deal with bullying and blackmail if you have everything to lose? It may be necessary for the richest man in the country, or someone accused of moral harassment, to trust himself to put everything in jeopardy. But he is creating a brave kind of leadership that we have not seen for a long time. Board members choose and encourage CEOs not only for the vision, oversight and strategy they provide in the normal course of business, but also to guide the process. And every organisation has fire storms.

However, not all CEOs have the confidence, the courage, and the support to do something really hard, but, when all is well. Jeff Bezos has just given us a mega-lesson on witchcraft and courage. Nobody on the planet would want to be in their shoes. Personally, painfully, with apparently other shoes falling, he always has the courage and the will to do what he thinks is right. And he escaped all limits thanks to the public struggle. His decision to extort attempts to blackmail them by refusing to surrender and then make them public, which is why he has done so well: a flawless conviction that goes beyond any consideration of personal comfort or even property. What lessons can only be learned by the deadly leaders? What lessons do the leaders I work with successfully manage the crisis? Here are 6: Cultivate the ability to see clearly through what I call the “fog of crisis” to see what decisions are critical and urgent. Do not deviate from other priorities.

Make quick and frequent consultations with your key members / groups and stay in touch with each board member on important issues. Trust your board of directors, your management team and the fundamentals of your employees, customers, shareholders and stakeholders even before the crisis. This means that with each group, an exceptional level of communication (honest communication) is maintained. Stay true to your principles, even when others collapse. Courage beats the body when you feel you are right. And then, if the circumstances do not say it clearly, stay the course.

Excuse me if necessary ... but point out the most important decision of your difficult decision. Concentrate on Know that the founders are different. And money is important. The ultra-oak can do more than the rest of us. Therefore, the options of Bezos in this extortion process are remarkable. He could have given in and nobody really called him. However, after taking a low road, he corrected his compass and opted for the most difficult road of recovery: a high and daring road. I think your shareholders, board, employees, customers and prospects will trust you. He only played a very bad hand at his own brilliant.

A. G Sonalie Silva

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