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A Guide to Understand the American University System

Thursday, 27th of September 2018

The American University and Higher Education System is one that is highly sought after. It is considered as one of the best systems in the world, yet is a unique system that isn’t easily understood. 

The undergraduate 

The student who hasn’t achieved the degree yet, but is studying towards it, as known as an undergraduate. The process to gain the degree typically takes four years. Degrees are available at universities, colleges or at community colleges 

Prerequisite courses 

One of the unique factors is the mandatory prerequisite courses that must be followed in the first two years. A range of areas including literature, science, the social sciences, the arts and even history is made, giving the student a general foundation prior to following a specific course of study. Many students select to complete the prerequisite course at a community college or at an affiliated college. 

The Major 

The “major” is the specific field of study in which the degree is awarded in. For instance, if your major is in cyber security, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Computer Science in cyber security. A specific number of courses are required to meet the requirements of the major. 

Flexible Study Programs 

A much loved and appreciated characteristic of the American higher education system is the ability to change the major multiple times as required. This enables the student to discover and spend time in various areas prior to making the commitment of selecting it. The ability to switch or change majors are a popular characteristic of the system. However, it must be noted that the change in majors will add to the expenses of the programme, jacking up the total costs. 

California State Universities 

In order to give students, the maximum opportunities, NCHS has affiliated with four California State Universities; California State University, Monterey Bay, California State University, San Marcos, California Stat e University, Bakersfield and California State University, Humboldt. Through NCHS, students will be offered transfer programs to these prestigious universities. Students are given the opportunity to complete the first two years at NCHS, and thereafter transfer to a CalSate university of their choice. Completing the prerequisite courses of the degree in Sri Lanka, enable the student to gain a foundation that would ensure success upon transition. The education methodology, academic writing skills, leadership and personality development will therefore commence from the comfort of your own home, prior to making the big move to complete the major in America. 

Course content that makes knowledge deployable 

At NCHS, students enjoy smaller classes, focused learning and oneon- one time with the teachers, giving every opportunity to succeed in studies. The study programs conducted at NCHS are identical to that of Swinburne, Australia and CSUMB and follow the same curriculum, methods of teaching and evaluations, ensuring high quality and international standards. These identical industry-informed and industryengaged study programs at NCHS are specially designed to combine rigorous academic studies with practical knowledge essential for the academic and career success of the students. 

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