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Wednesday, 25th of July 2018

TASK ADVENTURE, earlier known as IrooOne Adventures was established in 2000 with a purpose built, fully equipped and company owned site in the salubrious climes of Koslanda, Haputale, Sri Lanka. We have specially designed programmes that not only build leadership skills, team spirit and cohesion, but also bring out the very best in every individual. 

Our techniques will re-energize your team by pushing their boundaries and helping them believe they can. How much do you want to know about yourself? And then enhance your capabilities? Our mobile facility with the required safety standards, have been delivering programmes in all parts of the country and also in Maldives.


Since 2000, we have maintained an excellent safety record compared with world class standards. This was mainly due to our use of standards and equipment that are designed for adventures of much higher magnitudes. Regular maintenance, safety audits and relevant training has been the hallmark of our success in providing the safe adventure experiences for our clients.

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