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Friday, 20th of July 2018

Fun Facts about Croatia

  • Kingdom of Croatia and Kingdom of Hungary in 1102 were ruled by the same King, Ladislaus I. Hungary plays a significant role in contributing towards Croatian tourism. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians visit Croatia every year.
  • Because of a variety of dialects that are spoken in the country, it is common to find people having difficulty in understanding each other’s’ language and intention.
  • During the World War II, the Croats murdered between 70,000 and 100,000 people. This mass killing was done while pursuing a policy of racial and ethnic persecution.
  • The remains of a German WWII ship can be seen in just a few metres of clear water in Zavratnica bay.
  • As per the World Bank, Croatia is a high-income economy.
  • Out of the numerous deep caves in Croatia, at least three are deeper than 1,000 m.
  • The Walls of Ston, Croatia, is the longest fortress system anywhere in the world. The great walls protected the city from Ottomans for the last 500 years. The walls are 5 kilometres long and aptly surround Ston and its neighbor Mali Ston.
  • Croatia has only one Noble Prize winner so far. That too was born in Austria-Hungary at that time. Leopold Ruzicka won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939.
  • By geographical area, Croatia is 127th largest country in the world.
  • Parachute was also invented in Croatia by Faust Vraneiae in 1617.
  • Azithromycin: A world best-selling Antibiotic, was also invented in Croatia by Pliva, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zagreb.
  • Croatian currency is named after a lime tree.
  • Croatia is called Hrvatska in Croatian.
  • Primary and secondary education is free in Croatia.
  • There is a Museum of Broken Re l ationships in Croat i a . Heartbroken people donate the remainders of their loved ones in the museum. Nearly 1,000 people visit the museum every week!

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