Miami Ad School Sri Lanka launches Social Media Bootcamp

Thursday, 11th of March 2021 Views - 498

After an epic start to 2021 with the ongoing Strategy Bootcamp that commenced in February, featuring instructors from 8 countries (including those mapping out the future for brands like Google, IBM, Heinz and Instagram) led by Programme Director Mallika Shankarnarayan - a renowned global strategy leader - Miami Ad School is amping up its offerings in the coming months to meet the growing demand in Sri Lanka for creative expertise and real-world global experience. The Miami Ad School Social Media Bootcamp starts on 19th April 2021! Applications are now open.

The world today is home to nearly 3.8 billion active social media users, and content creation and social media strategy plays an unquestionable role – not just in brand success stories but also in redefining and reshaping our habits through viral influence. From Spotify Wrapped and KFC’s Twitter Herbs and Spices reimaging consumer data to Apple’s #ShotOniPhone and Airbnb: We Are Here giving a platform for local creators – it’s not a reach to say that social media reimagines the way we connect, relate and behave through fresh perspectives of the ordinary.

At Miami Ad School we are of the belief that social media dominates the 21st century experience and if we can save the creators – we can save the world. Through our Social Media Bootcamp, we want to produce a new trend of creativity in the island that operates with sharp analytical skills that dissect new trends and understand how it changes human behaviour shapes global communication. Participants of the Social Media Bootcamp will be mentored by the incredible insights, knowledge, and experience of a panel of global social media leaders that have been instrumental forces behind award-winning social media campaigns around the world.

Our modules take a holistic look at the world of social media - covering the fundamentals and relevant industry application of social media strategies, content creation best practices, magic of influencer marketing, social DNA of brands, paid media engagement, and more. The 12-week programme offers students a diploma certificate, Miami Ad School Bootcamp alumni status, and access to a global alumni network of the industry’s best social media connoisseurs. The Social Media Bootcamp is an incredible opportunity for students and professionals that want to take their social media career to the next level, with all graduates having the opportunity to attend portfolio reviews and interview with top agencies in Sri Lanka and gain job leads throughout their career through Miami Ad School’s 16-country-strong global network.

Currently, Miami Ad School’s first Strategy Bootcamp is underway with a class of 20 aspiring strategists, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and those looking to gain a creative edge to their strategic thinking. An instructor panel of 10 global strategy, creative and business leaders guide them through a transformative 3 months of exploring strategy through business, psychology, creativity, leadership, innovation, technology, AI and more. Just 4 weeks into its 12-week schedule, the response from both instructors and participants have been overwhelmingly positive. “Just after completing the 1st week, my mind was blown!

The exposure we get from the global faculty, and the insights & knowledge has helped me upscale myself in just one week” said Himali de Silva – (Co-Founder: COLLAB & Founder:Apé) Another participant - Rafil Mohamed (Executive Director of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry) shared his experience of the virtual learning environment: “Only 3 days in and I am LOVING each and every second of our bootcamp sessions. I generally can’t sit in one place for more than an hour, but I’m truly captivated and glued to my seat in our 3-hour long sessions” Miami Ad School is delighted to announce that Strategy Bootcamp will be back for its second time with classes commencing in April 2021 - to inspire writers, designers, strategists, brand custodians, content daredevils, media enthusiasts and innovators of Sri Lanka with extraordinary resources and a global network of strategic champions.

At Miami Ad School, we have a place for everyone – from creatives, strategists, designers, to digital marketing gurus, and brand architects – with a series of Portfolio Programmes, Master’s Programmes, Bachelor’s Programmes, and Creative & Strategy Bootcamps. We are focused on offering our participants the best global learning experience. Our Bootcamp Programmes currently feature 10 Main Modules by 10 instructors around the world, 10 global industry hero sessions, 2 live client briefs, and a 2-week experience lab that allows every participant to immerse themselves in international industry experience.

Our students are educated and inspired by the best of international creative, marketing, strategic and advertising pioneers which is why Miami Ad School is the world’s most awarded creative school in the world - including being named Cannes Lion Future School of the Year and claiming the Gunn Report School of the Year title for 4 consecutive years. At Miami Ad School, we believe that the world needs fiercely absurd imaginations and unapologetic thinkers. Fear and discomfort are hallmarks of growth. Exceptional creativity takes well-honed resilience. Creativity needs cross-pollination to thrive. Remarkable thinking is realised through remarkable craft. Welcome to the Colombo home of the best creative school in the world. You belong here.

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