Ganlaths Migration launches into a new platform of education

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More often than not, students in Sri Lanka may choose to pursue their higher education, overseas. Hence, the many inquiries from students to obtain offer letters from recognized Universities have propelled Ganlaths Migration; a renowned law firm in Sri Lanka, and registered migration agents for Australia and New Zealand, to cater to their requirements. Mr. Don Lalith Hilary (Don) Ganlath, the founder of Ganlath Migration dates back over decades that he ventured into the skilled migration program to New Zealand and Australia in 1990, originally.

The palpability of the company is as such that their reputation has been cultivated through a consistent flow of students over the 30 years that have further catalyzed their endeavor into partnering with Universities in the USA, Canada, Ireland, and Latvia. Notably, the company has partnered with the University of Delaware, the third oldest University in America that has been ranked as one of the top 200 Universities globally and 8th in America, with over 150 majors and 95% of graduates who are employed or furthering their education.

Ranked as one of America’s best-valued colleges by Forbes Magazine and their offers that provide considerable value for money has wielded the company on much higher ground in relation to the history of sustaining the foothold of a migration consultancy firm in the Sri Lankan market. Alongside that, the University offers propositions that are very much feasible in which students would be granted a scholarship inclusive of a specified percentage of the course fees together with free accommodation and a free meal plan. In this package, certain components are excluded and they also offer the “STEM” ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program and ensures an automatic two-year work Visa after having graduated from the course.

Thereafter, the student would have the opportunity to obtain a job offer and convert that to permanent residency in the U.S.A. The STEM program has opened new doors for applicants to Silicon valley; the hub of global technological innovation and the engineering and research institutes. The University of Delaware is inherently specialized as a research institute. Hence, the US government has provided a substantial amount of grants for their engineering research. It is noteworthy that the University has been at the top of the clients’ demands and due to the health crisis that happens to pose a threat to the hospitality industry, the University also offers online courses as do other Universities that Ganlaths Migration is in collaboration with.

Trine University, another partner of the company caters to an audience that is much broader than the University of Delaware. It is more affordable. Similarly, Ohio Wesylan University has set its course fees at a rate that is value for money and has maintained a balance between academics and the athletic aspects. On the other end, the company also signed up with MI College of Contemporary Music which pays more emphasis on Hollywood. They unravel the competencies of the music industry and the simple cadences that sustain one’s skills and talents from songwriting to playing instruments to any technical skills that an artist may aspire to nurture.

Offering a 2-year work placement after students graduate within the industry, students may have the potential to work permanently. The achievement is that they generally strive to have a 100% success rate hence they do not undertake any client or even a student who may not meet the threshold qualifications. There is a considerable stake on dependability as far as Ganlaths Migration is concerned which would be followed by an initial vetting process to assess students on their Finance capability and to ensure the validity of funds.

The concern surrounding verification of documents has been prevalent over the past few decades, and the company has garnered experience on such aspects related to migration, furthermore assists them to apply in the context of education as well. Since Universities work with close regard to Ganlaths law firm, certification is conducted in-house. Considering the benefits students obtain is they would be working with a recognized legal entity that follows a point of reference because the advice is received from a legal system.

Therefore, all in all, Ganlaths Migration offer students a complete package including legal services up to the visa. Whereas, Crandall University, Canada; an affiliate member of the Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC), covers all aspects of the spectrum. The national college of Ireland, located in the heart of Dublin also offers a 50% internship in MSc in Entrepreneurship for the first five confirmed applicants. Their attributes are further accentuated since they demand no application fees for any international applicants which also gives them access to British Education.

On the low end of the spectrum, Ganlaths Migration is working with the University of Latvia which offers very competitive rates internationally and provides a recognized EU-based education. The University has gained a foothold in the national, leading, and most influential higher education institution in Latvia and is the largest University in the country. Hence, as proposed by the Manager of Ganlaths Migration Consultants, Jagath Claude Alvis, the company has progressed in its function and contribution towards the company and the Sri Lankan economy, as a whole.

These universities are the initial role out as for the prospects to expand. As David Ganlath, the Managing Director of Ganlaths Migration shared his aspirations in an interview that was conducted. He had conveyed that “the ultimate goal of Ganlaths Migration is to offer students a variety between the US, Canada, Europe because there is a major market that continues to overlook countries such as France, Germany, and Latvia that offer English courses in recognized Universities which their students never seize the opportunity.”

It has been deduced that Ganlaths Migration Consultants have their predetermined visions and goals to offer a full gamut of solutions for students of many walks of life. They have viewed through multiple lenses far-fetched from other establishments. This has built space for continuity and progress for the client after the investment is made. The guaranteed work Visa granted at the end of the course could be converted to permanent residency if needed. The listed Universities conduct courses in English whilst affordability is held with regard to students under the many layers of economic stature. Hence, Ganlaths Migration strives to keep inconsistency with students’ requirements in which the range is set from the point of execution till the end of their course. The company’s initial venture through the migration aspect, they have garnered a robust hold of their clients and aspire to expand into 25 Universities in total.

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