Seminar on “ Lipids for a healthy life “ organized by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

Wednesday, 20th of January 2021 Views - 693

Lipids are a dietary essential as they are known to serve different important roles in the human body. They are also simply known as fats and oils. A common misconception is that fat is purely fattening. People are so feared of the word fat; hence they reach out for products with Reduced Fat, Low Fat and Non-Fat in supermarkets. Do we have to be so afraid of Fat? People only fear what they do not know. It is a main source of energy and is crucial for our survival. With the intention of softening the stigma around this specially important dietary need, the Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon has organized an online seminar under the topic of “Lipids for a healthy life” on the 21st of January 2021, from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The program mainly covers topics related to the nutritional aspect of Lipids. This webinar is coordinated by the seminar committee of the Ichem, headed by Dr. Udaya K. Jayasundara. The program intends to cover the topics ranging from “What lipids are good lipids? by Professor Terrence Madhujith, “Lipids in Nutrition” by Professor Sudheera Kalupahana and “Omega-3-Fatty Acids in Health and Nutrition” by Dr. Anura Jayasooriya.The webinar will be moderated by Professor Pulani Lanerolle. We believe this will be an excellent opportunity to those who are directly involved with the food industry during this hard time. This seminar will also provide a great insight to potential dietary problems that could arise due to Covid 19 panedemic.

You can register to the webinar by the provided link ( fkP3TCXyBX68KCKD7).

Feel free to call the Institute at 011-2861231 for details. Also, you may obtain the information by sending an email to seminar.info2021@gmail. com

Janangi Liyanage, Organizing Committee, Institute