We Grow The Most When We Enter The Realm of The Unknown

Friday, 12th of June 2020 Views - 2423

The Lyceum International School celebrates its 27th Anniversary!!

Established on 14th June 1993 Everything is always created twice. First in the mind. And then in reality. Today as I share these thoughts with you, I am reminded of our humble beginnings. But from the onset, we had big plans for Lyceum. We saw the true potential in our children. It was a matter of providing them with the right environment, and they would thrive. Dr. Mohan Lal Grero & Dr.(Mrs.) Kumari Grero Today, I am proud to say that Lyceum has grown to be the largest international school in Sri Lanka.

We have made every effort to ensure our students enjoy all the necessary facilities and the opportunity to take part in various activities in addition to a good all-round education. We have strived to keep fees affordable, and discipline has always been a top priority. We grow the most when we enter the realm of the unknown. Most recently we were faced with a new challenge in Covid-19. The entire country went in to lockdown, and all schools had to be closed. In the midst of this adversity, the humble minds that make up the management and faculty of our school were hard at work to find a way to resume our students' education.

Within a matter of weeks, we were able to come up with an entirely new system to have each and every one of our students from nursery to A/Ls fully engaged. We want to thank our students and parents for adapting to this new way of learning. We are also truly grateful and blessed to have a team of dedicated educators who have always risen to the occasion. There's one word that is being spoken of in many circles. One attribute that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. And that word is Grit! Those who have it soar.

Those who don't can only roar. Grit is important because it is a driver of achievement and success, independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence contribute. Being naturally smart and talented are great, but to truly do well and thrive, we need the ability to persevere. Over the years, our students have demonstrated this over and over again. They have brought honor to the school through the countless accolades bestowed upon us in the spheres of academics, sports and aesthetics both here and abroad. Thanks to them we are already living out our vision, which is to produce global citizens who will reshape the future.

I would like to leave you with this one final thought. The only limits of your life are the ones you set for yourself. Learn to live out of the glory of your imagination. Find your life's purpose. When you are inspired by a great purpose, the mind breaks all limitations, dormant forces and faculties come alive. Learn to tap in to this energy and it will awaken your mind to the boundless possibilities.

Dr. Mohan Lal Grero
Founder & Managing Director
Lyceum International Schools, Sri Lanka