Horizon Campus - nurturing the next generation of top legal professionals

Thursday, 23rd of January 2020 Views - 2738

With 8 years of delivering the University of London LL.B Degree as the only Ministry of Higher Education Approved Degree Awarding Institution, Horizon Campus has to date achieved the accolade of attaining over 80% - 87% first-time pass rates for this programme. Helping students develop a critical awareness of the common law and apply problem-solving skills to a range of legal settings, the focus is on practical as well as theoretical teaching that nurtures students to develop the analytical and critical skills essential for formulating legal arguments.

Taught by experienced academics in the field, in an open and friendly environment, the emphasis is given to supporting students as individuals. Delivering an inspiring student experience, participants are equipped with the skills demanded by employers and are trained to deal with challenging situations in the law and law-related workplace to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. The campus provides an influential role to hone students’ advocacy skills in an ultra-realistic setting through mooting and has as active Law Society which has conducted several activities.

Amongst them are the Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Competition, where students in their third year of study competed against 8 other institutions of law on the subject of Humanitarian Law. Underlining the relevance of participating in such competitions Dr. Ruwan Perera, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Horizon Campus stressed on the need for strong mechanisms to address humanitarian issues. “The relevance and the importance of the study and research in this subject cannot be overemphasized. It is encouraging to see our students gaining more knowledge on the subject matter and discussing and strategizing on overcoming the challenges posed in this area of work with students of other leading universities.”

Another key event participated was the National Youth Model United Nations 2019, attended by six delegates from Horizon Campus. Dr.Ruwan said “taking part in such activities develop an increased awareness and interest in students to further their academic excellence, hone their practical skills and to develop their advocacy skills in an environment of friendly competition.” Commercial awareness workshops and guest lectures to give students the chance to develop an awareness of topical issues have also been held with the latest of them being on the subject of anatomies with the President of the Dangerous Drugs Control Board, Professor Ravindra Fernando, as it’s speaker.

Future activities in the pipeline include prison visits and in sending delegates to trilingual debate competitions. Another guest lecture by Dr. S. P. Kandapola Arachchige, a respected psychological counselor of spiritual and social development, has been organized by the committee on the 28th of January which will primarily focus on the topic of stress management, mindfulness. President of the Law Society, Rehan Perera explained “the aim and purpose of the Law Society is to create an active society that aptly focuses on improving the practical aptitudes of all students. Therefore, we do regular visits to the courts and the parliament, in spite of the challenges we face in juggling the busy schedules of our students.

Networking is another key focus of the society in the form of hosting more social events that will help our students gain the necessary connections with the industry.” Endorsing these comments, Professor S.J.B.A Jayasekara, Vice Chancellor - Horizon Campus, emphasized “we believe that the knowledge and intellectual competencies our students gain by being involved in these activities will enable them to develop as mature, professional individuals. Our degree is also highly internationalized in its content, delivery and assessment strategies.

We aim to produce highly qualified individuals with a global perspective on the law that will ultimately contribute positively to uplifting the standard of the legal profession in the country.” Interested students could always get in contact with Horizon Campus via the following numbers or visit them on For inquiries on the Deg ree Programmes and Registration, Call Jayomi on 0713 531 531 or Thilina on 0716 613 613 or 0114 365 555. You could also visit Horizon Campus at No. 482/B, Suhada Mawatha, Millenium Drive, Chandrika Kumaranathunga Mawatha, Malabe.