SLTC launches School of Music headed by maestro Nadeeka Guruge

Monday, 20th of January 2020 Views - 2672

Taking a spirited step into diversifying its study areas, Sri Lanka Technological Campus launched SLTC School of Music on the 12th of January 2020. The school will be offering a Bachelor of Music (Honours) programme created and delivered by Maestro Nadeeka Guruge, the Head of SLTC School of Music. The launch event – “The Voyage of Rhythm” – was an evening of mesmerizing music conducted by Mr. Guruge himself and his musical ensemble, entertaining the crowd with a collection of musical masterpieces, taking them on a voyage of various musical genres and styles.

There were many veteran musicians and popular figures in the entertainment industry in attendance to witness this historic moment of opening the first School of Music in a non-state university, including Amarasiri Peiris, Keerthi Pasquel, Kushani Sandareka, Nirmala Ranatunga, Gaminda Priyaviraj, Suneth Chithrananda, and Soprano Kishani Jayasinghe, in attendance. Other dignitaries at the event included Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana, Mr. Bimal Rathnayake (MP), Mr. Lalith Weerathunga and Mr. Ajith Naragala - Director-General of Rupawahini.

“Although the University of Visual and Performing Arts exists within the government system, the initiation of this institute is a brave step taken by Nadeeka Guruge and lecture panel towards presenting and empowering the students to pursue an experimental-friendly musical study programme,” said, Hon. Minister Bandula Gunawardhana. Adding to that, renowned Musician Keerthi Pasquel said “So far we’ve seen an education system that focuses on traditional degree programmes. However, today marks a day where children in Sri Lanka who are passionate about music are given a great opportunity and different experience”.

SLTC Music School launch event, a musical master class created by the head of school Maestro Nadeeka Guruge, was an evening filled with soothing rhythmic rendezvous, for all those who graced the occasion. The outdoor event, held in the beautiful amphitheatre located within the serene surroundings of SLTC’s University premises at Padukka, unveiled an era that presents the Sri Lankan youth, paths that have not been previously treaded to unleash their musical potential. In the audience were Principals and Teachers-in-Charge of music, of several leading schools in the country.

Speaking after the event, Maestro Nadeeka Guruge said, “This is a highly challenging initiative. The initiative was taken after extensive research of numerous individuals of repute in the music industry. The ultimate result would be a unique learning pathway for children who have been gifted with musical talents and have the passion to pursue their careers in music, offered for the first time by a nonstate university in Sri Lanka”. He also praised the guidance and facilitation provided by the Founder President / CEO of SLTC, Eng. Ranjith Rubasinghe.

Showcasing timeless tracks such as Ashokamala (2006) from Mr. Guruge’s stage drama Rathnawalli, Aga Pipi Mal (2004), Esraj Chathuskaya (2009), Karma Thanthri Chathushkaya (2010), Swarupa (2014) - the theme song of Darmasena Pathiraja’s last film, Amara Sama (2002) created by the students of the University of Ruhuna, My Broken Heart (2011) - theme song of the movie “The Night is Still Young”, Surathata (2013) and Awasan Kandaya (2013) a composition inspired by Vesture – Da – Sanne, the night was a journey of musical excellence! Encouraging students to discover their creative abilities, the School of Music allows its students to explore many realms of music without restrictions. As such, is adamant about producing truly creative musicians who are diverse in their abilities and unique in their styles.