AOD presents Reveal 2019 featuring design and innovation of over one hundred young creative

Monday, 18th of November 2019 Views - 2392

AOD 3.0 presents its inspiring new vision to Create, Design, Innovate with REVEAL 2019, Graduate Design Showcase under the theme ‘Listen to The Future’

Sending out a clear call to channel young creativity towards bright careers and to take ownership of building a whole new world, AOD is presenting its annual graduate design showcase— Reveal, with the theme ‘Listen to the future’. The theme reflects the importance of understanding the future and giving a platform to the voices of future generations. The showcase will become a powerful platform for AOD’s graduating design talent, alumni and selected young innovators from its island-wide student networks. Reveal’s 2019 edition will take place at the Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT) where the showcase will be distributed throughout eighteen floors of curated spaces; Here, in addition to the graduates’, designers’ and innovators’ exhibitions, there will be several creative zones and laboratories that will foster different aspects of design thinking, creativity, innovation, and their commercial applications.

All in all, Reveal will present a unique opportunity for parents, students and aspiring designers to understand the potential of design and creative careers, get inspired by the success of young designers working in the industry and those leading their own entrepreneurial practices. It’s also an opportunity for industry professionals interested in hiring young innovators to scope out the right talent and meet promising young collaborators to help take their businesses to the next level. AOD extends an open invitation to walk in freely to the Colombo Innovation Tower during the 29th and 30th of November, and the 1st of December, and explore this unique showcase of inspiring work, new opportunities, and talent.

Sri Lanka’s largest graduate fashion and design graduate showcase

With over one hundred graduating designers, successful alumni leading their intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial careers and selected young creators from the school level, AOD’s Reveal Graduate Design Showcase is Sri Lanka’s largest fashion and design showcase. The design showcase curated by AOD’s international designers will take over the Colombo Innovation Tower for almost a week, transforming the city’s latest innovation catalyst space to a mind-blowing display of young creativity. Simultaneously, the Reveal Graduate Fashion Showcase will focus on fashion and textile design, as well as fashion marketing and management. The Reveal Graduate Fashion Showcase will also include a fashion show featuring graduating designers and outstanding alumni talent from AOD.

Discovery lab, Makers’ lab, spatial lab, tech lab, ideas laboratory and workshops for all ages

Combining many interesting facets of design, AOD has also curated a series of experiential laboratories at Reveal 2019. The Discovery Lab at Reveal will allow young creative school-goers, after ALs student and after OLs students to experience different types of creative careers, their prospects in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. Meanwhile, a specially curated Makers’ Lab will demystify the link between ideation and making products or services, and the processes are followed to bring ideas to reality. Another experience worth checking out is the Expression Lab that allows visitors to see how ideas are communicated through creative media like art.

A Discussion Lab held parallel to this will allow an interactive conversation on how designers solve problems. The Spatial Laboratory at Reveal 2019 is an area dedicated to the science behind making spaces and built environments that work. Tech Lab will be another fascinating experience where young designers, tech enthusiasts, and school students can see where design and technology meet, and how the two dynamics make a powerful combination for the future. The Ideas Lab at Reveal 2019 is where the power of great ideas will be showcased for audiences, drawing attention to how human creativity can build better futures. In addition to these experiential laboratories, Reveal 2019 will also feature a series of workshops suitable for different age groups, looking to facilitate a deeper understanding of the ideas discussed and showcased, through hands-on exploration.

Exposing some of the most powerful future pathways out there

Beyond the fantastic displays of creative talent, future developments between design and tech, and the glamorous fashion shows, Reveal also carries a much more serious undertone. It exposes some of AOD’s strongest industry ties through graduate-industry collaborations, showing the incredible career opportunities that open up to students through these study experiences. Similarly, the exposure to avenues of self-employment and international work is also present at Reveal, demonstrating AOD’s stellar graduate success rate. It is also a great opportunity for parents and aspiring young designers to see how AOD’s 100% employment policy works, experience the system in place for personalized industry match-making and mandatory ‘taster’ internships prior to graduating year.

For more information on AOD’s Reveal Graduate Design Showcase: “Listen to the Future”, workshops and other events reach AOD on 0775727772 / or visit to discover the full event programme. Follow the official hashtag #extraordinaryminds #AOD on social media.