Commercial Credit introduces student loans for APIIT students

Monday, 30th of September 2019 Views - 1213

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) Sri Lanka, one of the leading private institutions providing quality higher education, has launched an Education Loan Scheme in partnership with Commercial Credit and Finance PLC. The scheme was launched to provide a viable solution to meet the higher education aspirations of youth in Sri Lanka. Shammi Jayathilake, Deputy General Manager - Marketing Commercial Credit and Finance PLC said, “We are glad to get on board with APIIT to provide financial aid for students to meet their educational aspirations.

In keeping with our ethos we are committed to provide all sections of our community with a meaningful chance at empowering and improving themselves and realise their full potential. As a responsible finance company, we are already serving a large student population with loans to meet their educational requirements. We believe that this endeavour will do just that as we look forward to develop leaders to serve society with empathy and passion”.

The Educational Loan Scheme is easily accessible by students who intend to pursue higher education. It looks to provide financial assistance through a sound financial support package that consists of affordable and reliable terms with minimum documentation required in order to provide timely and necessary assistance.