SLIIT Student-body Celebrates 20 Years of Achievements with Enthralling Celebration

Friday, 22nd of March 2019 Views - 1971

Celebrating 20 years of academic excellence as an institution of higher learning, SLIIT’s Student Interactive Society, the apex student body hosted an enthralling get-together titled “Ethereal 2019: A celebration of a 20 year Odyssey” on the 11th of March 2019 at SLIIT’s Malabe premises. The annual get-together at SLIIT is an event that is eagerly looked forward to by all students. Primarily, the event promotes harmony and companionship among students, and provides opportunities for both individual students and student groups to display their talents in fields other than academics in addition to warmly welcome all freshers’ to the campus with the support of SLIIT Management. Prof. Lakshman Ratnayake, Chairman SLIIT said, “I am delighted to be able to share in SLIIT’s remarkable achievements over two decades and celebrate this occasion as a community.

I warmly welcome all new entrants and encourage them to make the most of the vast resources our Institute has to offer as we create a valuable platform for a new generation of leaders.” Recognising 2019 as a special milestone in SLIIT’s calendar, the Student Interactive Society decided to organise a stellar event with the get-together held on an extravagant note with performances by phenomenal artists in the Sri Lankan music industry. Commenting on SLIIT workshops, Prof. Lalith Gamage, Vice Chancellor/CEO, SLIIT, remarked, “Today’s event not only celebrates an important SLIIT milestone of 20 years but our ability to foster excellence and continue to shine. SLIIT is acclaimed as it nurtures the education of individuals in a wide variety of fields and ensure they contribute to the future of both the nation and the world.”

Students were thrilled with the performances of the Daddy Band, Bhathiya And Santhush, Mihindu Ariyarathna, Chitral Sompala, Dhanith Sri and Natasha Rathnayaka. Adding to the fusion of the event were Sri Lanka’s biggest dancing acts, Ramod Malaka with ‘Coolsteps’ as well as a fashion show featuring the latest trends. The show also featured popular musical acts such as the Yaka Crew, Petrol and the Acapella group XY which included SLIIT’s very own talented students. The campus came alive with all the excitement, eclectic entertainment and colourful fireworks that lighted the skies that night. Over 5000 current and past students as well as Academic and Nonacademic staff joined in the festivities enjoying the vibrant fellowship and excellent entertainment. The Organising Committee is indebted to the sponsors, SLIIT management, and all those who participated in making the glamorous event ‘Ethereal ‘19 a reality and thrilling success.