Negombo Gateway College - A place where you can choose happiness to be the change

Monday, 29th of October 2018 Views - 2895

Teaching is not merely a job, but a gift with endless opportunities that allows you to create and mould great individuals” Mr. R.I.T. Alles

Mr. R.I.T. Alles, the founder of the Gateway College, was a dedicated and passionate educationist who believed that every child should be given a properly guided mentorship to prepare them to take on their responsibilities. He valued the importance of studies, discipline, unity and diversity among his ‘duwa’s and ‘putha’s and encouraged all the teachers he trained, to become passionate mentors with principles, value and love. After the heart breaking passing of Mr. Alles, his son Dr. Harsha Alles, the present chairmen of Gateway group, continued to serve his legacy. Under the leadership and direction of Dr. Alles, the Gateway group continues to grow and travel in the path of excellence.

With this greatness as their foundation, the Gateway College in Negombo has become a second home to all of its students. Under the shepherding of Mrs. Devika Alldis’, the principle, the college makes sure that every one of their students has a strong foundation to become potential individuals. At Gateway, they always believe that their students should become successful adults while reflecting the roots of their culture, society and good values. Hence, Gateway College makes sure to encourage their students to become much more than scholars. Making a good example on this, the School Social Responsibility club sponsored 20 blind people donating white canes and also organized a blood donation camp celebrating the Founders Day of Gateway College. The blood donation camp was organized for the 3rd consecutive time with the participation and support of the college staff, students and their parents.

Negombo Gateway College does not believe in traditional classroom or teacher centered education. Instead, the college let their students to experiment, to be creative and innovative despite their age or gender. Setting the stage for this Gateway College organized an inter-disciplinary exhibition, “Synergy of Disciplines”, under the supervision of Mr. Vidugith Withanage, teacher in charge of the science section. This exhibition was a platform, not only for the Gateway College students but also for other schools and universities to explore more in to a discipline rather than being spoon fed inside a classroom or a lecture hall. Prior to this, in 2017 Gateway College organized a programme to conserve the lagoons in the Negombo area. This project was special not only because the best awareness comes from children but because this project was conducted with the support and participation of several other government schools in Negombo area. This was a great opportunity for the Gateway College and for the other schools to build a good rapport among their students.

One of the many big achievements at Gateway is that they have all-rounder students. While children reach their level of academic excellence, they are given many opportunities to perceive their passion. The best example for this is the college choir. With 34 members, the choir would inspire anyone with their talent and dedication. Just like every other element, the Gateway College choir group is innovative and unique. Under the guidance of the college principle and the teacher in charge, Mr. Ian Jayasinghe, they explore and experiments with new genres of national and international music that inspire them. This choir provides the best motivation for any student who struggle to balance out their academics with their extracurricular activities. Despite the choir practices in morning and night, the choir members are experts in balancing out choir practices and their academic work. With all their efforts they hope to get recognized worldwide and to show that they are capable of much more. As one of Sri Lanka’s premium Sri Lankan institutes, Gateway College has progressed at a great speed. With a great legacy ahead of them, Negombo Gateway College make sure that they give their ‘duwa’s and ‘putha’s wings to fly but also roots to come back.

Thishana M. Rajanayake