A glimpse into your future with AOD’s Designology –Design Undergrad Open House

Monday, 10th of September 2018 Views - 2760

AOD which offers prominent design degrees from Northumbria University, UK will be hosting a day of career exploration for after A/L students on the 15th of September 2018. For the dreamers and the inventors who caught themselves doodling in the back of their books, if you ever spaced out during maths and found yourself dreaming of a world without numbers, if you found yourself cutting up your mother’s saree to make a skirt, or if you found yourself redecorating your room over and over… there’s a place for you. At AOD, imagination, originality and creativity are encouraged and it’s a place for those with a curious mind to find a future with endless possibilities. AOD is celebrated for its international curriculum offered by Northumbria University, UK, the wealth of experience and knowledge of its academic staff and the success rate of its graduates each year. To introduce the significance and the workings of a design degree, Designology –Design Undergrad Open House is organised specially to offer a variety of activities and career guidance to find the right direction for your passion equipped with the knowledge of degree details and future career opportunities.

Whether it’s Visual Communication Design, Motion Graphics & Animation, Fashion Design and Textiles, Fashion Marketing or Interior Design, Designology will offer you exhibitions, hands-on workshops and career guidance that will focus on the knowledge and skills you will gain by studying design, and what careers lie ahead for your chosen design path. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a beautiful logo, saved a piece of packaging for its brilliance, or had your mind blown by advertisements that made you question life, then Visual Communication Design is your calling. You will learn that it is more than software, more than doing the obvious, and way more than being brilliant at just one thing. The Visual Communication Design Degree at AOD offers the necessary tools and knowledge to build your creative thinking and effective visual communication, and the activities at Designology will focus on giving you a taste of the basics of graphic design, and the opportunities available in the industry. In a sentence, the Motions Graphics and Animation Degree at AOD brings your imagination to life. Using skill and tools, you will create world that exist only inside of your head. If you grew up dreaming of creating the cartoons you watched on tv, bend reality to the way you want it to work, and wish your life had a soundtrack, then this is the place for you.

At the Designology, get a taste of storyboarding, working with sound, and be inspired by the works of our current students. If you live, eat, and breathe fashion, then the Fashion Design and Textile Degree will be a dream come true. All those days you stitched your own styles and curated your own mini fashion shows, it’s time to make it happen. Get the necessary knowledge to create your own brand, to showcase to the world what only you can bring to the table… or the runway. With three years of building and refining your unique style, you will be able to showcase at a prestigious fashion show and make your mark in the world. At Designology, work with fabrics, prints, and patterns to create your own fashion lineup and learn how to drape garments. The Fashion Marketing and Design Degree is a calling for those who immerse themselves in trends that change the world. What made a little black dress stand the test of time? Why are crocs so hated and loved at the same time? Understand the concepts, the promotions, and the trends that influence generations. Discover where YOU stand in the world of fashion and get a taste of trends and put together your own predictions and capsule fashion collection.

The Interior Design Degree offers you a chance to recreate your world to your own best laid plans. Whether it’s a simple feature as placing a light switch next to your bed or designing the next national museum, you are given the guidance to create the best possible version of your vision. At AOD, create your own pathway, door, window, ceiling, and room for your future. Put your creative talents to use at Designology and take part in our challenging and fun activities that will test your thinking and problem- solving skills. Designology is the best opportunity to discover who you are meant to be. Whatever the background, whatever the talent, and whatever the knowledge, you only need to bring along one thing; passion. Designology –Design Undergrad Open House will be held on the 15th of September from 10am to 4pm. The programme is specially for those who are after A/L’s and are exploring their future career options and higher education paths. 

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