Psychophysiology: Daunting or Doable? Now at NCHS

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Psychophysiology is an up and coming branch of neuroscience that pursues to build a connection between a person’s mental state and body, and the relationship therein. It is a relatively new discipline. However, the subject matter of psychophysiology, and the interaction of mind and body, has been a hot topic and has been studied for centuries. It has been delved into by philosophers, physicists, physicians, physiologists, and, most recently, psychologists.

Connecting Mind and Body

The preliminary interest in the subject is recorded in the mid-19th century when Phineas Gage, a railway worker, suffered an accidental brain injury. It is stated that the accident changed his personality and behavioral traits and mannerisms. The methods initially used to determine how such incidents affected human responses, are recorded to sometimes being invasive and harmful. Eventually, non-invasive approaches developed, and modern practices arose to study psychophysiological connections between the mind and body. Today, psychophysiologists can use a range of non-invasive methods to better understand human behavior and cognition with the goal of improving health.

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