AOD presents ‘Design Summer Camp 2018’ for creative skill exploration and innovative thinking

Monday, 23rd of July 2018 Views - 4052

Conducted by an international design faculty two dedicated summer camps in Design and Fashion for 15-19 year olds to test out their passion for a creatively engaging education and careers of the future. AOD Summer Camp is a place for students who are looking to broaden their knowledge and explore how creativity and innovative thinking will benefit their higher education pathways and future careers. Some of the best career prospects that are presented today as well as upcoming careers treat creativity as an essential skill in order to add value to businesses and improve their product offerings.

Giving students an opportunity to learn more about creativity and design, discover their passion for it and the creative ability that will allow them future success, AOD offers Summer Camp 2018 with two focus camps in design and fashion. The summer camp will allow students to learn from an international design faculty in dedicated creative studio spaces at AOD. AOD has been at the forefront of the design movement in Sri Lanka and is a catalyst for design-led innovation in South Asia initiating changes on an international level which impacts young talent, traditional and high tech design and entrepreneurship. The Design Summer Camp will be building on the same vision to nurture young students and broaden their horizons to the wide variety of non-conventional careers that will be available to them in the next 10-20 years. 

Summer Camp introduces students to creative self-exploration, basics of design thinking, brainstorming, problem solving and raises awareness of innovative thinking in all aspects of our everyday lives. The curriculum that focuses on hands-on exercises, creatively-engaging practices and experiments, has been designed to give students the ability to take a confident decision on whether they have what it takes to think out-of-the-box and generate new ideas. Furthermore, skills in design thinking and the experience gained at the Summer Design Camp can empower students on their path toward becoming innovative problem solvers and prepare them to tackle the challenges of the future. Learning about design as a way of thinking helps students apply skills in math, science, technology, reading, writing, and communication. The program challenges students to explore their creativity and critical-thinking skills while pushing them to try a range of techniques and media. 

At the design focus camp, the students will get a taste of storyboarding for animation with comic strips, photography, illustration, understanding materials in interior design, typographic styling in visual graphic communication design etc. The fashion focus camp will give the students a complete insight into Fashion Illustration, textiles, fashion styling and photography, fashion marketing and design, fashion promotion and media and trend forecasting, all through interactive sessions allowing them to understand the business of fashion and what it is like to study and work in it. As AOD Summer Design Camp promotes exploration of creative media and solutions, it is highly suited for students between the ages 15-19 as a taster programme that allows students to understand the pace, depth and nature of studying design as a higher education discipline that leads to lucrative and successful careers.

This unique holiday programme will prepare young minds to take on their future with a powerful, creative skillset and the students will also compile a deign portfolio and receive a certificate at the end of the program. The Design Camp will be held from 30th July to 3rd August and the Fashion Camp will be held between 6th to 10th August, 9am to 3pm. To register for Design or Fashion Summer Camp call 0775727772. Limited spots available For more information on other events, or to complete UK design degrees with Northumbria University in Fashion, Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing and Motion Graphics and Animation Design as 100% internal Degrees that can be fully completed in Sri Lanka, call AOD on 0115867772, or visit 29, Lauries Road Colombo 4 between 8am and 5pm on weekdays or log on to