CfPS LAW School Offers Wide Range of Options for Students

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All students with A/Levels in Arts, Science, Commerce or Maths can get opportunities in the legal sector, which is a multi-disciplinary subject, and it’s only the CfPS Law School that offers students this wide range of options.

LL.B Degree / Certificate in Higher Education in the Common Law

The CfPS Law School is a Registered Centre of the University of London and it will commence an intake on August 2018 for the LL.B. Programme / Certificate in Higher Education in the Common Law – earlier known as Diploma in Law - of the University of London. This degree will enable students to enter Sri Lanka Law College and to do their Attorneys-at-Law exams. Certificate in Higher Education in the Common Law (HE.CL) is for students, who do not meet the entry requirement for the LL.B degree, because they are just after O/L, are pending A/Level results or because their A/L grades do not meet the entry requirements. The HE.CL Certificate is equal to the first year of the LL.B. and students qualifying the diploma proceed to the second year of the LL.B.

Qualified Lecturers

Located in the heart of Colombo at No. 151, Dharmapala Mawatha, CfPS Law School has experienced and talented lecturers who are academics and practitioners. Students can either join the full time LL.B/ Cert.HE in Common Law or the part time LLB programme held during the weekends.


Students joining CfPS Law School’s Programmes are offered a variety of opportunities. Among them is the Internship Programme, where students in the 2nd and 3rd years are given the opportunity of being with senior members of the legal profession. There is a vibrant student life at CfPS. The CfPS Mooting and Debating Society and Toast Masters Club offer students an opportunity to improve their legal and court room skills preparing them for the legal profession. Students are taken on visits to Parliament and the Courts.

More career development options

The prestigious University of London LL.B offers students an opportunity not only to enter the legal profession, but also develops many other skills that are useful in employment. Those in many other fields such as medicine, engineering, accountancy, management and marketing look to a law qualification to enhance their knowledge on legal matters, which they come across in their work. The University of London is one of the United Kingdom’s world class Universities and several of its Colleges including the King’s College, the University College of London and the London School of Economics are ranked among the top Universities in the world. The CfPS Law School has opened an massive door to the Sri Lankan youth to gain a prestigious, celebrated law degree for a comparatively affordable price, which otherwise would cost millions of rupees.

Subject options

The Law School has many students studying law, ranging from young school leavers to those in different professions. Apart from the compulsory subjects such as Public Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Common Law, the Law School offers a number of optional subjects including Commercial Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, family Law, Public International Law and European Union Law.

Track Record

Alumni of CfPS Law School are today practicing lawyers while others are working in international organizations and public and commercial establishments. The CfPS Law School boasts of an alumnus of over 6,000 lawyers in Sri Lanka, and has for many years produced the highest number of entrants to the Sri Lanka Law College.

CfPS awards scholarships

Each year the CfPS awards Rs. 22 Million worth of scholarships in February and June. Scholarships are awarded based on the results of a scholarship examination conducted by the CfPS. We also take into consideration other exceptional achievements of the candidates. You can apply for the scholarship exam via www. website and the closing date for the applications in on 20th June 2018 and the scholarship exam will be held on 24th of June at Mahanama College, Colombo 03 (Duplication road) from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

The CfPS Law School is situated at No. 151, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7 and is contactable on 0112447790 / 0112421665 or 0772244239; Email at