AOD launches Fundamentals in Digital Photography for creative skill development

Thursday, 14th of June 2018 Views - 3383

Fundamentals in Digital Photography; a programme for those who look to develop their creative skills and add a great supplementary skill for any field of work

The world is moving towards a more creative spectrum and the world’s leading educators to economic research authorities, from the Harvard to the World Economic Forum, all agree that the top skills needed by future professionals include creativity. When working in various industries in the future, being creative and innovative will be considered one of the top traits that the business world will look for.

How does this translate to the talent market? What does this mean to young professionals who are creative, yet need to discover their place in the business? How will one acquire skills that will support work across industries and learn to think creatively? In answer to these questions, AOD has launched ‘Fundamentals in Digital Photography’ designed to help young people understand how to connect their inherent talents to a growing trend in the business world. This course focuses on photography, recognising the art form as one of the most diverse and demanded professions out there today. The course is designed to meet the needs of young students interested in experimenting with the lens and even possible careers in photography, amateur photographers and even young professionals looking to iron out their technical skills and aesthetics to step things up.

For those who are working in different industries this will be the perfect opportunity to touch on more creatively intense aspects and understand the basics of conceptualization, artistic expression, critical analysis and colour theory. The study experience that this course promises is to help young people focus their creative explorations with the camera for work and professional practice in the twenty first century.

The programme will walk the students through topics like use and control of digital SLR cameras, composition and creative styles, various photographic fields, the importance of storytelling, natural and studio lighting, plus digital editing workflow. This short course will also touch on portrait, fashion and documentary photography, plus creating images for corporate communication, editorial publications and advertising. Through regular feedback rounds and assisted studio time, students will be able to reflect and develop their own work according to personal style, interests and skills. 

This is will be exceptionally important to those who want to improve their personal style and learn the more rare techniques used by professional photographers. It would also improve creative thinking and train the eye to capture distinct scenes and movements. We recommend this course to anyone who wants become confident in finding their way in the business world as a professional photographer, those who want to get the basics of the medium before making a lifelong commitment to it, or for those who want to develop their creative skills across any field of work. 

To learn more about the ‘Fundamentals in Digital Photography’ programme, reach AOD on 0775727772, 011 5867772 email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday - AOD, 29, Lauries Road, Colombo 4.