The Entry to the Greatest Organizations

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Business challenges can vary from country to country, but one challenge stands out the world over: the need to prepare the workforce for the future. It is therefore necessary to weigh the pros and the cons of the available categories of jobs, and then make a weighed decision on what works for you. A popular option is to work in a global multinational organization. This environment gives a multitude of opportunities that prove beneficial for life. There is therefore a large demand to work in organizations such as Google, Bank of America or Coca Cola. Some of the key reasons as to why you should work in such an organization are listed below:

Knowledge about core business practices

“You’ll learn about process, politics, performance, hiring, responsibility, and perhaps most importantly, KPIs [key performance indicators] and how to track results and impact,” says James Sinclair, principal at EnterpriseJungle, an enterprise software company in Los Angeles. The knowledge about such practises in a career will not only better prepare you for the corporate world in the future, but it can also be a useful learning experience if you plan to be an entrepreneur

The benefit of brand association

Recruiters spend six seconds scanning your resume before making a decision for the yes or no pile, Amanda Augustine, career expert at TopResume, an international head hunting organization stated. It isn’t rocket science therefore to understand which organizations will be memorable and eye catching in your resume thereby.

The entry to a Global Career

Gaining a USA education will offer a competitive edge in the job market, irrespective of the country you decide to work in. USA graduates are in high demand in Sri Lanka and in all other countries. The qualifications have global acceptance and credibility. “Every week you’ll find something new and fun for employees at Coca- Cola. From Olympic activations, games and beat-bumping music in the courtyard to semi-trucks doubling as dance clubs in the parking lot to carolers singing through the holiday season, each day was a surprise that helped jazz up the workday” stated an undergraduate intern at Coca-Cola, Samantha Witthuhn. (https://www.coca-colacompany. com/coca-cola-unbottled/why-youwill- love-interning-at-coca-cola) As a Calstate student or graduate, such opportunities will be open to you too! Start the journey towards a Global Career The Nawaloka College of Higher Studies has affiliated with four California State Universities; California State University Monterey Bay, California State University San Marcos, California State University Bakersfield and California State University Humboldt.

Through the collaboration, students will be offered transfer programs to these prestigious universities. Students are given the opportunity to complete the first two years at NCHS, and thereafter transfer to a California State University of their choice. Nawaloka College of Higher Studies, Colombo Located in the heart of Colombo 03, NCHS offers the best facilities which include purpose-built engineering and computer laboratories, a resource-oriented library, study areas and ample parking space and reputed academics to administer the programs. The same syllabus, methods of delivery and evaluation are followed, ensuring that the pathway programs conducted at NCHS are of equal standard and quality. Student loan facilities at special interest rates are also on offer to help students pursue their higher education at NCHS.

If you wish to maximize on this fabulous opportunity and be a part of the prestigious degree pathway programs at NCHS, call 0777 799 997/ 011 5 899 998 or email for more information.