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Robotics and Mechatronics

Robotics and Mechatronics are areas of study that deals with application of modern systems and control methods in practical situations. These are areas that have a rapidly increasing requirement in modern society and therefore degrees in these areas are gaining popularity.


Mechatronics is the merge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer control and information technology. The objective of the stream is to design more functional and adaptable products. First coined in Japan in the 1960s, Mechatronics refers to the blend of mechanics and electronics. However, over the years the meaning has evolved to mean a methodology for designing products that are faster, better and more precise. It incorporates the strengths of the subjects to create a product that is of superior quality. Mechatronics was first used in terms of the computer control of electric motors by an engineer at Japan’s Yaskawa Electric Co. The 1990s witnessed the boom of the mechatronic age as there was an increased use of computer intelligence together with mechanical products. This is a trend that continues to grow in strength with time.


Whether the goal is to relieve human workers of exhausting and repetitive tasks, increase productivity and efficiency, or take people out of harm’s way, robotics play an integral role in all aspects of manufacturing, medicine, and more. An engineering discipline that is on the rise, robotics engineering is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation from people with a background in mechanical, electrical, or software engineering. Robotics engineers may work in the agricultural, military, medical, and manufacturing industries, among others, conceiving of new uses for robots, designing improved robots for existing systems, or repairing and maintaining industrial robots

Multi-disciplinary knowledge

The strength of both the mechatronics as well as the robotics engineer is that the knowledge they have spreads across multiple disciplines. The mechatronics engineers strength in mechanics and electronics or the robotics engineers skill in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science help them to be very versatile problem solvers. It is therefore an increasingly popular phenomenon for companies to hire these engineers to oversee the production.

You can become a Mechatronic or Robotic Engineer

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia has exclusively partnered with the Nawaloka College of Higher Studies (NCHS) to provide students a guaranteed pathway to prestigious Swinburne degrees. Therefore, a flexible, time and cost effective study option is now available locally. Through this option, students will have access to Degrees in Mechatronics or Roboticsat SwinburneAustralia or Swinburne Malaysia. However, through NCHS the student’s options have broadened. On enrollment, the student becomes a part of a prestigious global network. “Students who join NCHS will directly enroll and be recognized as students of California State University Monterey Bay, California State University San Marcos, California State University Bakersfield, Califor nia State University Humboldt or the University of Swinburne. They can c o m p l e t e t h e D e g r e e i n Mechatronics or Robotics on completion of the 2 years at NCHS” said Dr. Alan Roberts, Dean of Studies, NCHS.

Located in the heart of Colombo 03, NCHS offers the best facilities and reputed academics to administer the programs. The same syllabuses, methods of delivery and evaluation as Swinburne, Australia are followed, ensuring that the pathway programs conducted at NCHS are of the same standards and quality. Student loan facilities at special interest rates are also on offer to help students pursue their higher education at NCHS.

To find out more on how you can be a part of the prestigious Swinburne or Cal State degree pathways at NCHS, call 0777 899 998/ 011 5 899 998 or email