University of West of England signs up with Esoft

Wednesday, 16th of May 2018 Views - 2897

The University of West of England, founded in 1992, was the former Bristol polytechnic that dates back to 1595. The University of West of England offers degrees in Business Management, Accounting, Education & L i b e r a l S t u d i e s , Information Technology, A r t & D e s i g n , Architecture & Built E n v i r o n m e n t , Engineering, and Allied Sciences. The University of West of England has established links with Es o f t Int e r nat i ona l Education Pvt Ltd to offer degree programmes. 

Esoft, a pioneer in providing higher education to the masses through 40 branches island-wide, has launched its latest project in of fering degree programmes abroad. Apart from the Higher National Diploma, Masters in Business Administration, M. Sc in IT Programmes and English Certificate Programmes currently offered locally, Esoft has collaborated with several prestigious universities in the UK, Malaysia and India in order to provide opportuni t ies for Sri Lankan students to study abroad on a full time basis.

It is believed that this opportunity will cater to Esoft’s clientele of about 35,000 who annually register for its various programmes. It is a golden opportunity especially for those who are interested in pursuing higher studies abroad ( In addition, Esoft has recently introduced its student migration consultancy programme, facilitating students in their endeavor to secure placements in universities abroad. This service is granted free of charge and ensures a hassle-free procedure prior to travelling, since Esoft provides necessary guidance for matters such as visa application, translation of education/ birth certificates, reservation of flight tickets, accommodation in the foreign country, etc.

For details, please contact or visit us at: Esoft, No 3, De Fonseka Place, Colombo 4, 077-3643166/117572575