Revamping CIMA/ACCA MBA for Global Competitiveness

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With the knowledge and expertise of the academia and professionals in the field of Business, ANC Postgraduate School of Business has revamped its CIMA/ACCA MBA Programme with inputs from University of West London (UWL), UK, creating the perfect platform for CIMA/ACCA finalists to obtain an MBA to meet their academic and professional requirements, equipping them well for a successful career in the corporate world.

Advantages of our CIMA/ ACCA- MBA:

  • A distinct academic advantage for CIMA/ACCA passed finalists to have direct access to the MBA by earning 40% exemptions from MBA programme.
  • A well-recognized British MBA offered by the UWL conducted on a Mirror Model
  • A postgraduate qualification recognized by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka
  • An excellent academic panel holding PhDs and Masters qualifications with relevant industry exposure with up to 20% of teaching covered by Visiting Faculty of UWL
  • Delivery of international level education monitored by the UWL
  • Weekend / Weekday Evening classes facilitating attendance of working individuals
  • ANC students receive their MBA certificate and transcripts directly from the UWL without having to leave families or jobs behind to study and live abroad to obtain a foreign university qualification.
  • Customized student loans with a minimum monthly commitment starting from 8900/= a month and 0% interest Credit Card payment plans for students to manage their finances

The unique MBA path, offered at ANC Postgraduate School of Business for CIMA/ACCA exam passed finalists in collaboration with UWL together with the CIMA and ACCA,has been redesigned to offer students even more attractive and insightful modules to suit today’s technology driven world, covering an important range of subject areas, enabling students to progress to strategic positions in their career without a competition.

After thoroughly studying the CIMA/ACCA curriculum,University of West London is pleased to bring forth a set of new comprehensive tailor made modules for CIMA/ACCA MBA students which include Managing People, Global Marketing and Digital Business, Business Ethics in Action, MBA Project including Research Methods and the Dissertation component, poised to meet the requirement of today’s competitive and constantly changing corporate world.

Considering the knowledge, you gained as a CIMA/ACCA passed finalist, you receive a distinct academic advantage to have direct access to this MBA by earning exemptions for certain general MBA modules such as Business Operations and Intelligence, Accounting for Decision Makers and New Venture Development – so that you do not have to waste your time, energy and money repeating what you have already learnt.

Revamped CIMA/ACCA MBA Module Overview:

MANAGING PEOPLE - focuses on giving students an understanding of the management and development of people within organisations.Closely aligned with the CIPD’s Professional Standards, the module also introduces you to mainstream thought on HRM/ D and develops your critical awareness of the complexity of leading, managing and developing people at work – and enables you to engage with alternative paradigms and discourses that recognise complexities and allow you to challenge the underlying assumptions associated with particular ways of thinking and practicing HRM/D.

GLOBAL MARKETING and DIGITAL BUSINESS - focuses on understanding the dynamics of global marketing – globalization, environment, culture, branding, positioning, segmentation and the increasing competitive threat – the most important factors that a global company needs to manage, integrate and exploit. This module adopts a strategic approach to the study of marketing and communication in a global context and prepares students to grasp a strong understanding of the essentials of global marketing.

BUSINESS ETHICS IN ACTION - focuses on Business Ethics providing students with a conceptual background and help them to apply models to particular business situations. The title “in action” reflects the practical orientation of this module that combines a solid theoretical foundation with accessible tools. Many case studies will be discussed to facilitate decision-making about complex situations. With this module, students can gain understanding of the business ethical dilemmas and how to address them, enabling students to perform better in their managerial roles.

MBA PROJECT including RESEARCH METHODS - is designed to introduce essential components of postgraduate research which will help you develop skills and knowledge that will contribute to your successful completion of a dissertation. You will be introduced to social science research across managerial disciplines. This module offers multiple perspectives on researching business and management, irrespective of whichever the career in business you are engaged in.

DISSERTATION - which is the core element of a Master’s degree allows you to develop your interests and apply research skills. It reinforces your independent learning by enabling you to explore your chosen topic theoretically and empirically. In some ways the dissertation is similar to other modules because it will assess your ability to produce a persuasive discussion on a relevant management or business topic. The dissertation module also differs from other modules because it requires you to put into practice your understanding of research methods.

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