BEng(Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree at SLIIT Academy

Monday, 7th of January 2019 Views - 2881

Study at SLIIT Academy and earn a UK degree of BEng Hons in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from Liverpool John Moore University(LJMU), United Kingdom. With a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, you can find work in a wide range of sectors including automation, power and energy, electronics, IT and many other related areas. In this three year degree programme, the young student will develop subjectspecific skills in areas such as designing and testing circuit building blocks related to instrumentation, automation, communications, computer programming and computer-aided design. The students will also develop other core skills that are valued in many career areas.

The curriculum includes, Electrical Circuit Principles, Electrical Engineering Practice, Digital and Analog Electronics, Programming, Microprocessors and Software, Digital and Embedded Systems, Electrical Machines, Automation, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Signal Processing, Process Control, Power Electronics Drives and Systems, Industrial Management, Engineering Mathematics, English Language skills and Presentation skills among others. At the end of the second year, the students will also be sent to an industry to gain work experience. In addition to following classes on several subjects, throughout the third year, students will be made to work on an Engineering Project which will end up with a presentation, demonstration and a written report. 

The students will also be taken to see a selected local industry during the first and second years of their studies. Starting from the first semester of the six semester degree programme, students will be active in project work of developing a product useful to a user. They will be trained to simulate the circuits using software, test a prototype and then produce the hard wired circuits. Some projects are carried out individually and some in a group, so that the students get the experience of working in a team. Group work will also help the students to gain experience in pooling the different expertise of different students to produce a valuable product. The picture shows a product of a simple dual dc power supply made by first year students during the second semester.

It will add to our collection of power supplies for student use. The students will be made to develop a switch mode power supply during the third semester, in 2019. During their second year, the students will gain experience in working on Arduino projects and PIC Microcontroller projects. It is good to follow the 3 year BEng degree, gain sufficient hands-on experience, work in the industry and gain industry experience and be confident. On the other hand, you can proceed for higher studies to obtain MEng degree or MSc degree in Electrical and/ or Electronic Engineering if you wish to become a Chartered Engineer and get the CEng status of IET(UK) or IESL. SLIIT Academy is enrolling students for their 2019 intake.

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