Start 2019 with a World Renowned Degree - Season’s Greetings from Nawaloka College of Higher Studies!

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The New Year brings new resolutions and dreams of greater success and fulfillment. It is a time to analyze the past year, learn from its challenge and plan for a better year to come. Education is important because it gives people the basic foundation to thrive. These skills include the ability to communicate, complete tasks and work with others. Education is essential for nearly every type of job or career, and in many cases, education makes the difference between being able to perform a job safely and accurately and being unable to perform a job at all.

Succeed in finding the right University

Finding the right platform for higher education can be a daunting task when options increase by the day. “The vision of NCHS is to provide high quality, affordable Education to the youth of Sri Lanka” explained Dr. Alan Robertson, Dean of Studies, Nawaloka College of Higher Studies. Implementing this vision, NCHS is a provider of globally recognized higher education qualifications. Located in the heart of Colombo, the NCHS campus consists of modern facilities, providing students with an international learning environment. With a strong commitment to provide high quality education, NCHS offers distinctive benefits that are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual student.

Global Education Network

NCHS has partnered with the global leaders in education, the Swinbur ne University of Technology as well as the California State Universities. This enables NCHS to offer a plethora of subjects to the students. The partnerships will eradicate most of the impediments that deter students from studying in Australia and America.

Swinburne University of Technology

NCHS is a guaranteed pathway to Swinbur ne University of Technology. The pathway programs are specially designed to prepare students for success in their further studies. The Foundation Year helps students meet the entry requirements for a bachelor degree. The UniLink diplomas provide a direct pathway into the second year of a bachelor degree.

California State Universities

In order to give students, the maximum opportunities, NCHS has affiliated with eight California State Universities; California State University Monterey Bay, California State University San Marcos, California Stat e University Bakersfield, California State University Humboldt, California State University Northridge, University at Albany, California State University Fresno state and Califor nia State University Sacramento state. “Through the collaboration, students will be offered transfer programs to these prestigious universities. Students are given the opportunity to complete the first two years at NCHS, and thereafter transfer to a CalSate university of their choice” explained CEO/ Deputy Chairman of NCHS, Victor Ramanan.

Start the New Year with a degree from NCHS

These ident ical industryinformed and industry-engaged study programs at NCHS are specially designed to combine rigorous academic studies with practical knowledge essential for the academic and career success of the students. The Students, Lecturers, Staff and Management take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year! To learn on how can succeed in 2018 with an internationally acclaimed degree, call 0777 899 998/0115 899 998 or email